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Thread: 8/6 Live Feed Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissytina
    Hey all,
    First post but long time lirker .. Anyways, I am watching the feed right now and it is so frustrating that Howie doesn't even listen to what anybody says. Also, it seems like its not even entering his thick noggin that they don't have the NUMBERS anymore! They need to take James back into their group, heck James was backstabbed and he even realizes it!! Hopefully when Kaysar comes back he will whip Howie, Janelle, and Rachel back into shape. And all they can do is hope that one of them gets HOH or I really believe none of them will win. WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THOUGHT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs
    I can't believe that Rachel let him talk to a female unescorted, even if it was Maggie. LOL
    Yeah, I can't believe the way they all ran out of there when Maggie asked to talk to Howie. They should have all stayed just like the crappy crew did when Maggie was HOH. They really are bowing down to them this week.

    If they are truly a team, anything she has to say can be said in front of all of them. Very big mistake by Rachel and Janelle.

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