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Thread: 8/5 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Really enjoying typing transcripts, so here's a short convo between Janelle, Jennifer, and Howie:

    Howie: Are you guys both wearing panties? Jenni, are you wearing panties?

    Jennifer: Nope.

    Howie: No? Really?! What colour would they have been?

    Jennifer: ...purple?

    Howie: Ahhh. So sexy! What colour are your panties Janie?

    Janelle: Pink!

    Howie: Ahhh! So sexy! You look so cute in panties! Or without em! Or naked! Ah! So cute!

    Then Rachel asked Howie something, thus ending the panties conversation.
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    F1: Howie, James, and Janelle in the HOH room. This is a small part of the conversation due to the pause/rewind function not working properly on the feeds. (7:00pm BB time)

    J: Howie, you made a mistake today by nominating us instead of them.
    H: I made the decisions I made but Iím going by what I believe is the truth.
    J: I thought we had trust. Youíre believing their stories.
    H: You broke the trust, itís your own doing. Youíre telling me you never promised to swap me or Rachel?
    J: No. I never did that.
    H: Well the tapes will tell.
    J: The tapes will tell. Howie, we never turned you over. I never gave you or Rachel away.
    H: I listened to everybody. I put things together. I know you deceived us.
    Jan: We saw Sarah going up to them and talking in whispersÖ
    J: Howie, you guys told me to talk to them. It was you and Kís idea.
    J: You didnít do the right thing. I canít believe you. We thought we had trust.
    H: You had my trust until I thought it was destroyed.
    J: Donít you know that you and Rachel are their next targets? You blew it, Howie.
    H: No, you guys blew the chances of this team by losing our trust.
    J: Iím disappointed, I thought we had your trust. I canít believe you trust them over us.
    Jan: You never swore on the bible to turn H and R over?
    J: I read the bible at night for strength, I never swore on the bible in front of that team.
    H: So we will never see that on the tapes?
    J: No. We thought you had our back.
    Jan: We thought you had ours.
    J: Disappointment is not even a word.
    H: You killed us tremendously.
    J: You're taking their words for it, not mine.
    H: Bro, I donít believe you anymore. If Iím wrong, Iím truly sorry but I donít believe you anymore.
    J: Howie, you and I agreed that it would be stupid to go to the other side. You guys made a bad decision.
    H: How do you think I feel? The odds are stacked against us right now. We could have had a strong team but when you two couldnít be trusted, it ruined our shot. Now the odds are against us. Our team has been decimated.
    J: You guys screwed the entire team.
    Jan: Are you sure it was us?

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    Ok, I'm posting some of the convo Sarah and James had together in the Gold Room, after the eviction ceremony. The pause button wasn't working on my RealPlayer, so I typed it all in regular time, doing my best to keep up -- so I missed a couple of spots, either because I feel behind, James' low speaking, and my own loud typing.

    Sarah: Why would I have taken out Jennifer and Ivette, if I wanted to get out Howie and rachel. Come on?! It's a game. Just a game.

    James: I know, but they were our friends.

    Sarah: I thought we were gonna walk away from here with friends, that's the sad part.

    James: Yeah

    Sarah: I was so excited about Janelle. I thought she was so cool. And like, I though Rachel and I could become friends. I was so wary of her at first, but she was like...mom. Funny thing is, they're like, 'You swore on the Bible'. But didn't Kaysar swear on his Quaran to Eric? The thing is, if you stay, you know they're coming after you next week. If I stay, they're coming after Howie and Rachel next week. So you wanna just go next week? Or you go this week, and give me the opportunity to the end, to get some of these a$$holes out of here.

    James: I dunno, I just don't want to be without you.

    [I missed some stuff here]

    Sarah: Just as I'm like, gaining trusted people again, I mea -- now I should know better.

    (Sarah begins to tear up and sniffle)

    Sarah: Could you imagine if I won HoH? Of if you won HoH?

    James: I know exactly what I'll say to Julie when we're sitting on our blue chair. It's like, 'The people you thought were your friends aren't your friends.' There's no reason to stay here -- I'll walk out the door. I don't even care about the veto comp any more. I think I'll pull you off the block.

    Sarah: I hate these people, I hate these people!

    (Sarah sniffles. There's silence for awhile.)

    Sarah: All they've done is attack us every frickin' week.

    James: Yup. This is the Eric thing.

    Sarah: I betcha if you and I stayed up on the block, they'd probably vote me off.

    James: Why?

    Sarah: Because you're an easy target.

    (Someone walks in and asks the two about supper)

    Sarah: Throw it in the garbage.

    James: Yeah, I don't eat pork. Thank you.

    Sarah: I hate those people.

    James: I'm just so shocked that -- it hasn't set in yet, you know what I mean?

    Sarah: Mmmm hmmm. Who'd you think they put up, if one of us got off?

    James: It doesn't matter.

    Sarah: I know, I'm just asking.

    James: I dunno, it wouldn't matter who they'd put up. If you get off, I'd get out in a straight vote. You know, they want to get rid of both of us. I just can't believe they made this mistake. Unbelievable.

    Sarah: They're being so smug about it, as if they know what's going on. They're just, 'Oh, we're so dissapointed in you!' I really hope that Janelle doesn't sleep in here tonight.


    Sarah: What the hell do I have? I don't have nothing.

    James: [James says something garbled]

    Sarah: I know, but if I leave here, what do I have without you?

    James: It's ok. [Mumbles] It's allright. I love you.

    Sarah: I love you.

    (Sarah cries some more)

    Sarah: I don't like this.

    James: We're gonna get through this. If I get Veto tomorrow, I'm taking you off the block. The house wants my block.

    [I missed some stuff]

    Sarah: Why would I want to be in the house with all these people? Why?!

    James: [Garbled]

    Sarah: What would you do if you left here? Go to Miami?

    James: I dunno, I'll worry about that when it happens. It's only a week away.

    Sarah: What's today, the fifth?

    James: Friday.

    Sarah: The fifth? So one of us would leave here on the eleventh? So how long is it when we're out of here? A month and a half?

    James: I'm sure CBS would... [Mumbles]

    Sarah: See, the thing is, if you were to leave last week, at least you'd have a chance of coming back.

    James: Yeah, I know.

    Sarah: Do you think they're making us in a bad couple?

    James: The show?

    Sarah: Yeah.

    James: No, they can't. The reason I'm in this is because I kept my word to f---in Ivette.

    Around here, I started to fall behind, and it became apparent that these two were going to continue to throw there pity party, rather than, say, reveal some sort of psychotic plans that would make Big Brother history. Still, I already had it typed up, so I might as well post it in the chance that some person without live feed is interested in this star cross'd couple. Also, here's Sarah's great plan to take down Rachel and Howie:

    Sarah: Dude, let's call them out on being married!
    "The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister."

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    (Conversation between Sarah and James. Sarah has had a couple of drinks at this point)

    Sarah: People at home will understand -- we are the good people, they are the bad people.

    James: Baby, will you be quiet? That stuff doesn't matter. There are no good people in this show. There's winners and losers. We--

    Sarah: Speak for yourself! I'm a good person!

    James: I know you're a good person, but the thing is, the purpose of this show is why we're not sucessful.

    Sarah: Because we're good people?

    James: I tried to be a better person; they just wouldn't let me.

    Sarah: Well, because -- look where that got us.

    James: I wasn't a bad person yet! (Pause) Hey look, you can tell me -- vent to me, vent to the Diary Room.

    Sarah: Just don't say anything to those people?

    James: Yup.

    Sarah: Why?

    James: Because...

    Sarah: Baby, we're going anyways!

    James: Well, you'd stop from -- aw, s*** -- from doing all that stuff, so don't do it now.

    Sarah: I know, but now they're just pissing me off.

    James: They're not pissing you off.

    Sarah: I'm sure my daddy's at home, saying 'Sarah! Baby-girl! Sarah Beth! Stick up for yourself! Don't get s*** on by those people!'

    James: Just stick up for yourself when you get out of here.

    Sarah: I should probably wash my face, huh?

    James: (Mutters something)

    Sarah: Are we going to bed?!

    James: Yeah. I'm not staying up.

    Sarah: What?! Please! Can we just stay up tonight!?

    James: And do what?!

    Sarah: Um...I need alcohol....

    Around here it kind of trails off, but I think the conversation says a lot about what kind of person James is.
    "The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister."

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