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Thread: Live Feed Recap, Sun-Mon, 8/1: “Does This Mean Kmart Loves Me?”

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    My God, Hep. If I didn't know better I'd say I was reading a romance novel. And enjoying it, thank you very much! great job.

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    Thanks Hep! You have such a way with words..........
    kitty-cats rule!

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    Hepcat - you are the greatest! The best writing and interviewing (cappy) - I want your novel, when does it come out? Thank you, you are informative, interesting, amusing and .....I can't wait for the next one!

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    Again thanks to you Hepcat for the great reading. I miss every other BB show but never your recaps. I'll take your recaps any day over the live show.

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    Big kiss Heppy !!!
    I found your recap linked from another site so I followed it back here .Great as always .

    Yet another summer passes where the live feeds have no resemblance to the crap on TV. No coverage of the other birthday party thrown by the Maggot crew when they thought they forgot Aprils birthday either.

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    First time posting this season - but I can't stand it anymore: has anyone mentioned James' eyebrows? I mean, have you ever seen such girlie eyebrows on a man? What's the story there? I can hardly watch when he's on. Now Kaysar's eyebrows are a different story - mmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I Wish That I Could Have Mikey’s Girl

    Yes, it’s true: Kaysar is getting starry-eyed around Janelle, who promises to win the game so she can take him and Michael to Greece. Michael? Oh yeah, Kaysar’s friend, who spent a week locking lips with Janelle. Kaysar graciously says he will allow them to go by themselves. Janelle says no, don’t be silly! They should both come. She’ll be happy to give them some alone time. Ha ha.

    Kaysar does seem to be gazing longingly at Janelle at random moments. He coaches her on the game intensely, and it’s obvious that he cares greatly about future in the game. But he also gives her advice on her love life, and tells her often that he thinks she’s beautiful inside and out...but that he doesn’t want to be one of those guys that kisses up to her all the time. He tells her that she doesn’t know what she wants - that she might come across the right guy and not even know it. *pregnant pause* “Will you cook for me when we're married after you find out Michael isn't right for you?" he asks cheekily. Then there was this little exchange:

    Kaysar: Mike is so lucky.
    Janelle: Why?
    Kaysar: He got to kiss you.
    Janelle: Oh, shut up.

    See you after eviction night! hepcat@fansofrealitytv.com
    Now that's better than ANY romance novel I've ever read! *Sigh* And exactly the reason I hate to see either of them go...ever the die-hard romantic, I keep hoping they get together!
    *Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes*

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    Thanks for the recap hepcat...and I adore Kaysar more than ever

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    Thank you for the great recap. This is the best BB group!

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    great recap like always.


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