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Thread: 8/1 Live Feed Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7
    Man, I feel almost bad for Kaysar, because I think he is truly crushing on Janelle. I think that she just went after Michael after Kaysar told her that she couldn't sleep in his bed and "not to ask again". I also believe that once Michael said he'd take her to Greece that she was REALLY into him. I DO like Janelle in this game, but I think that Michael's impression that he had money was a big draw to her...and for that, Kaysar is much better off without her. But OH it just seems so obvious to me that he is crushing big time, and it would have been so cute to see her interested in him.

    this is exactly what i've been thinking for a few days...

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    Okay, I just sent an email to Fox asking for clarification on the voting for Idol. I'll let you know when/if I hear anything.

    I saw a posting at a forum that said when one calls in to vote for American Idol, only the first call from that number is counted. Yet Ryan Seacrest says to call often. Can you clarify this for me, please. Thank you.

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    it will only be cute till thursday.....
    I wish Kaysar was staying!! i wanted him to win!

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    If Kaysar is denied any chance of returning, I hope he at least gets the girl Janelle and Kaysar totally compliment each other, lol..Why does Janelle like Mike if she claims she aint a gold digger...lol
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

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    Princess Angela
    Me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by girl in green
    I know people have wondered whether or not the evicted HG's are being sequestered. There's an interview with Crappy at TVGuide that may help fuel the debate.


    Eric is such a big hypocrite and has a way of twisting things around.
    1. Part of his and Kaysar's deal was that he wouldn't break up their aliance.
    2. He said he wouldn't put up anyone from his aliance and he did ie Michael and he has the audacity to call Kaysar out.
    3. I thought Eric was also religious and he never kept his word.

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