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Thread: 7/24 Live Feed Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS
    Yes!! Someplace else I wondered if James, the "savior" from the previous, abusive, boyfriend was that much of an improvement. He may not be physically abusive but from what I read here there's a lot of potential for emotional abuse. Move on, Sarah! There are actual nice guys out there...men like Kaysar, who think you can too speak!
    I remember Julie saying that James and Sarah had been together for four months. Four months is not a long time! She's still in the infatuation stage where he does no wrong! Reality will set in soon enough!

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    One conversation from yesterday that I have not seen captured here, was a conversation between James, Sara and Janelle. They were all in the gold room, and James was telling Janelle what a womanizer he "use to be". Sara was lying down, James was kinda spooning her, Janelle was on the other bed. Anyway, James went on about how is friends could not believe that he had "a girlfriend". They apparently laughed at him, knowing what a slimeball he had been in the past. He gave Sara a poke in the side with his finger and said, When I found this, things really changed for me. She is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetSpirit01
    Well, Howie just showed Jenn his um, erm, balls...
    Haha, did anyone get THAT screen cap?

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