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Thread: Live Feed Recap, Saturday, 7/23/05: Check...and...Mate!

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    Live Feed Recap, Saturday, 7/23/05: Check...and...Mate!

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a jumbo chess piece is just a jumbo chess piece. When the gumball machine went poof! and transmogrified into a giant black knight, the houseguests wondered what it could mean for the upcoming Power of Veto competition. Most of them assumed it wouldn’t mean the competition was literally a game of chess - heck, some of them don’t even know how to play chess, and Big Brother wouldn’t be that unfair. *giggle* Or would he?

    Yes, This All Happened Today!
    • Maggie chastised Kaysar for putting her on the block with no forewarning, but giving James a heads up.
    • In the upcoming Power of Veto competition, Eric expected to play for Kaysar, and Beau expected to play for James.
    • Kaysar picked Janelle to play for him, and James picked Howie, shocking the Cappy Cult.
    • The competition was blocked on the feeds, but from all accounts it was a chess game. Janelle and Kaysar are so familiar with chess they were able to throw the competition to James, who wanted to win so he could make a personal speech to Eric at tomorrow’s Veto ceremony.
    • Again, we didn’t see it directly, but it sounds like Eric was upset at losing and outed all the pairs in the house.
    • Everyone is openly admitting their pairs except for April and Jennifer, and Ivette and Beau.
    • April and Ivette both staged huge crying fits about being the only ones in the house without a partner.
    • Everyone in the house knows and agrees that James will use the veto on himself, and Kaysar will nominate Eric.
    Musical Beds

    Kaysar’s win at HOH really put the hamsters on an exercise wheel of non-stop plotting and dealing. They had been running on high adrenaline for more than 24 hours, and by 9:00 P.M. they were already drooping. There was a bit of discussion over what to do with the Gold Room. It had been inhabited by Janelle and Michael, and at first people - well, April, really - were in a huff about using the beds formerly occupied by the doomed couple. Pretty soon, people realized that it might be prudent to fight for the comfortable beds in a private room. April (her name comes up a lot, doesn’t it) announced that the room is for the two on the block, as if that’s written in the Big Brother handbook somewhere. Janelle was cool about it, cleared out her stuff, and went into the large subway room.

    Several people were hanging out on beds, nattering, and she asked if it would be okay to sleep in the bed that James had just vacated. She got the go ahead, so she laid out her stuff, fixed the blankets, and headed off to the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she was out, Beau went into bitchy overdrive. “Does she get the bed?” he asked, as if she were stealing the silverware.

    Ivette ordered Beau to tell Janelle she had to sleep in a cot. “She's had a bed for a whole freaking week!” Instead, he flounced over, grabbed her stuff and threw it on a cot. Then he got in bed and pretended to be asleep. When Janelle came back to the bathroom, she was baffled that Beau was there, obviously faking sleep. She had to ask where he had put her stuff, and he snapped that it was in the corner. Honk-shoe, honk-shoe. (That’s fake snoring, if it wasn’t obvious.)

    Perhaps feeling unwelcome (wouldn’t you?), Janelle joined Kaysar in the back yard and lit a cigarette. She told him about the bed hijinks, saying it didn’t matter where they made her sleep, she was still going to beat them in the competition. They shared a laugh over the abject pettiness. Kaysar pointed out that even when that side of the house was out of power, they were still trying to bully them.

    Maggie and James shared the Gold Room, and James must have been biting his tongue as Maggie rambled on about how nervous she was about being on the block. While she was beset with nerves and too ramped up to sleep, James knew he was in a good position to be off the block by bedtime the next day. Maggie told him that she couldn’t sleep in pitch dark in the Big Brother house, because she was still adjusting to sleeping in a new place.

    Good Morning, Houseguests!

    Before the competition, Maggie got her courage up to talk to Kaysar privately. Clutching her coffee cup, with large bags under her eyes, it was obvious she didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Her attitude with Kaysar ranged from openly angry to being tightly restrained. It was obvious she didn’t expect to be nominated the day before.

    In fact, she told him that she was blindsided. They had talked yesterday, and he did not tell her she was going on the block. Kaysar soothed her without admitting much, but he reminded her hadn’t promised to keep her safe. She accused him of having a deal with Rachel, but he replied that he had almost put up Rachel instead of Maggie, that he had a hard time choosing between them. Maggie protested that she’s not a strong player, whereas Rachel has proven herself strong by winning competitions.

    She told him that although there are people in the house that don’t like him because of his religion, she has never felt that way. When told that she was taking it too personally, she protested that she has to - “it could cost me a half a million dollars!” But what really chaps her hide is that James told her he knew he would be nominated, and she felt like she should have got the memo, too. Kaysar smoothly told her that James is a strong player who could expect to be nominated.

    But wait, she’s not done! Maggie added that James got a good speech from Kaysar during the nomination ceremony, whereas she only got a “Maggie, you too.” She really seemed put out that she didn’t merit a grand speech. Kaysar admitted that he didn’t handle it well, and they exchanged a quick hug. Maggie said she wouldn’t wish him luck, ha-ha. Kaysar remained unruffled, as always.

    Feeds on Fire!

    The real story of the day happened when the feeds came back after the POV competition. Yes, James was quickly spotted wearing the ever-glittery golden power of veto around his gangly neck.

    Right away, the feeds came back to Eric shouting at James about choices he would have to live with. Ivette and Beau were already in the weight room, striding away on treadmills with looks of defiant disbelief on their faces. Eric joined them, and admirably, he had already calmed down and accepted his lack of control. He told Ivette to remember that it was a game, and that although some people can go back on the word that was given on their life (in a barely restrained growl by this point), he would not risk the life of his family that way.

    The house was mobile, with hamsters going from room to room and reacting loudly one minute, then stealing a quiet moment by themselves the next. Sarah overheard Eric talking again about people who give their word on their life, and stopped him in his tracks by asking how he could say that, when he had been telling James up until the competition that he was “his boy.” “Did you hear me swear on my family?” he snapped to Sarah. “That makes it okay to LIE?” she fumed. Is that Sarah? Standing up to the beefy Cappy?

    It appears that during the Power of Veto competition, Eric guessed he was being “six fingered” as soon as Kaysar didn’t pick him as a playing partner. The game was chess, and Kaysar’s crew was obviously advanced compared to Maggie and Ivette, who aren’t even familiar with the game. Kaysar and Janelle were able to throw the competition to James, and maybe he smirked or something, because everyone knows that he plans to use it. All pretense has been dropped. Eric outed the couples, and James has already barked at Eric not to speak to Sarah in that tone of voice (his usual overly loud angry ranting style of speaking).

    The camera jumped from camp to camp - the people celebrating their victory in the HOH room, and the downcast houseguests facing their ruin. Ivette sat with her head on the table, and when approached, launched into angry crying. She blasted Maggie for lying to her about knowing Cappy. She seemed genuinely surprised about the pairs, screaming and crying as if her toenails were being pulled off.

    But was she acting? Despite her tears, she remained firm that she herself was in the house without a partner - as did April, another big cryer. Ivette ranted and raged that she was at a disadvantage without a partner in the house. She pointed at Maggie and Eric in turn, telling them it wasn’t FAIR that they were playing for each other while she had no one, it put her at a mental disadvantage. The Academy should have been taking notes. Her moral outrage and indignation was incredibly genuine.

    Another star actress was April, but she couldn’t quite pull off an Ivette. Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. April spent the afternoon talking incessantly about the pairs, and how she didn’t know Jenny. How dare everyone not believe her, just because she and Jenny are sorority sisters? From the same college, graduating the same year? She went from group to group, repeating her mantra to everyone. The hilarious part is, the minute she left, everyone in the house had the same reaction - “She’s so full of BS, why is she trying so hard to convince us when we had her pegged from the first week?” Even Eric and Maggie laugh at her efforts.

    In the late afternoon, the feeds went to an extended bout of fish. There’s nothing more to be done for the day, so maybe they threw in a luxury competition to calm everyone down. Or some other...secret.

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    Great recap, hep! It was an exciting afternoon - I don't envy you having put it all together into one succint summary!

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    Nobel or Pulitzer Prize?

    I swear, hepcat, if you ever write a book, I'll be at the signing.

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    Thanks for the BB fix, Hep. I love how you boil everything down into a concise format for us.

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    awesome recap ... as usual. this was the most exciting day i've seen so far since i've gotten the feeds.

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    Thanks for pulling this all together - I read the other thread and was a bit confused. I really enjoy the way you write and add humor but in a reporting style.... nothing that takes a person off the line of thought.

    Great job,

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    You rock Hep. Thanks for the great recap!

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    Another great recap Hepcat. Your writing is always entertaining and fun...thanks, thanks, thanks.

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    Great job, Heppy!
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    Thanks for the amazing updates!!
    I don't know how I would get through the week without the FORT!!

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