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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Discussion

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    As much as I'm gorging myself on the wonderfulness of the last days' events, in the back of my mind is a little voice saying, "This is Big Brother and Thursday is a loooong way away".
    Count your blessings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs
    I am not a Evette fan, but April outing her is wrong.
    i'm rewatching last night's show and april told ivette "i swear on my life that i will not open my mouth." but then again, we KNOW how honest april is, don't we?

    god, as upset as ivette claims to be after being "betrayed" by james, can you imagine her reaction when she finds out april outted her? wow .... this could put her over the edge!

    and i agree with AsIs .... as much as hate ivette, what april did pisses me off.

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    Ivette and Beau used to be roomates. Julie said it on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy
    April should have kept her mouth shut. Game or no game, to out someone without their permission is a totally underhanded thing to do. Not cool at all.

    I can't wait for all of em to be gone! Ivette, Beau, April, Jen, Crappy and Maggie.... then James and Sarah then onto Rachel and Howie and leave Kaysar and Janelle the last two.

    That would be priceless.. the two underdogs winning the whole damn thing against Crappy and his merry bunch of misfit cohorts.
    April should've kept her mouth shut? You're forgetting who and which people we're watching. They show exactly how back, front, and side stabbing they are to each other, so I'm not too surprised by any of this.

    At this point, I'm rooting for Kaysar and Janelle as well, but I wouldn't mind it to be Howie and Kaysar to be the final two.
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    it is about 8am in the house, i saw Rachell walking on treadmill, everyone else is sound asleep it looks like. Rachel in backyard having some breakfast, Mmmmmmmmm PB&J yummers! LOL Lookslike Jannelle is in bed with Kaysar, of course there is a good distance between the 2 of them, no cuddles or kisses for Kaysar............... kinda boring , just watching rachell chew her food.................. i will come back if something good happens......... i will pick up house and try to keep my 4 yr old off puter til then!
    I'm NOT Touching YOU! :phhht

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