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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule. All posts that are comments or "jokes" and not transcripts will be removed from this thread.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    Maggie pretty much boring Eric right now explaining why Kaysar hurt her so much. She says that Kaysar and she get along, their personalities don't clash - but when he nominated her, he "based his nominations 100% on the game, and no personality was factored in at all." Kaysar replies saying that he wanted to try and prove a point that his nominations WERE based on JUST GAME. And Maggie responds with a harsh "Tell me then! Because I've been figuring this out all on my own..."

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    Feeds are finally off FT after the VC. (Consider Ivette perpetually censored here)

    E is begging JAM to tell E that JAM didn't know "what was going to go down"... JAM feigns nonchalance, saying "We all knew this was going to happen"

    Camera 1:

    JEN: "I'm so sorry and I hope you aren't mad of me, but it was all because of strategy"

    I: "It was just nasty, nasty, just nasty... and I'm supposed to trust that group? I was supposed to be up against Janette, and I'm supposed to trust that group? It's been three weeks and I've put my trust in them, and three weeks seems like three months in here.

    JEN: "But you knew that they were trying to get JAM out."

    I: (censored) "I didn't know... I thought they would put me and JAN up"

    JEN: "But you knew."


    Cam switches outside.

    E (to K): "All I'm saying, dude, is that when you swear on your life, you better know what you're saying. When I swear on my family, I keep it. You have to live with the things you say, and I can likve with what I say and what I do."

    K: "I know, dude"

    E: "This is lock down, so we have to go inside"

    Cam follows him to GYM... where James is wearing GPoV.

    E: (to JEN) "He already told me he's your girlfriend. We all know what is going on with that already."

    JEN: "And you already lied to me; you turned on me and JAM. You lied to me after swearing on your family."

    E: "Did I ever swear to you on my family?"

    JEN: (thinks a second) "Actually no, but that makes it okay to lie?

    E: "Yes! That's strategy! That's playing the game."

    I: "It's too early to be fighting like this. My life was fine before without the $500,000, and it'll be fine after this without the $500,000. I don't need this dirty game."

    I: "I didn't sign up for a dirty game. I didn't come here to waste summer 2005 playing a dirty game."

    E: "Yeah, well I had fun. I had a good time. Really."

    I: "I'm abotu ready to say don't stick me in that sequestered house."

    E: "Come on, we've got a game to play."

    I: "It's funny how we got took over by a group of three. A group of three taking over a group of three... maybe it was just a group of five over a group of seven."

    E: "He's playing good, I'll give him that."

    B: "It's not that. You've played good. You've done well, E"

    E: "Just remember, I and B, that everything I told you about JAM is true. But come on, people, it's a game. Come on! It's a game... you gotta play your cards. I just got what they call in Texas Hold 'Em a bad beat, that's what I got. Just remember that you still can play, I. You can beat them, and that could be the sweetest revenge of all."

    I: (just profanity)

    E: "And they've got the votes to vote me out, so... they got the votes..."

    I: "What in God's name do I do?"

    B: "Yeah, we gotta figure something out"

    E: "Well, James can't vote, wait he can. They've got S and JAN, H and R. They've got the votes."

    I: "R? Yeah but you know what I think.

    E: "Yeah, but it was a good run. You gotta go with the cards you got to play."

    I: "It's just so nasty... what you think, B?"

    B: "You gotta play you cards you've got... it pisses me offf, but you gotta do it."

    I: "It pisses me off, too, that evil people always win."

    E: "What is it? July 20th? I won't lose that much pay!"

    Cam switches to HoH with K and JAN

    K: "It's not my fault. M wanted to talk about how naive I am in front of me. It's not my fault. I've tried to talk to these people. I try to talk to I, and she cusses me out. A and JEN still won't admit now, even after all this time, that they know each other... and they're telling me I should trust them and 'quarantine the trash all in one corner'? But they're going to just yell and scream... Then all you wanted was a place to sleep last night, and they wouldn't even give that to you"

    JAN: "Yeah, they're bullies."

    K: "They're bullies... all of them. It's time that... that the little people win."

    about 5 minutes behind on the conversation, so posting.

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    Healblade, I think your JENs were Sarah, actually where she was confronting Eric.


    April comes into the gold room where James, Sarah and Rachel are.

    She's crying, saying she thought she knew people and they lied to her - saying Janelle and Ashlea lied.

    Sarah: You mean when people lie to you and they're gunning to get you nominated? Yeah, that sucks.

    James fires off a really angry jab at April about being lied to and turned on by his alliance.

    Sarah: He told me yesterday, "of course I'm gunning for James."

    April saying she didn't know any of that. Saying she wasn't going to make a decision until she knew the nominees. Saying Eric never lied to her.

    James: It's not about liking, it's strategy.

    April: Janelle looked me in the face and said I know you and Jen are friends. I feel like the odd man out because we are not --- (camera switches)

    Janelle, Kay and Howie

    Janelle saying that James told her he really wanted to make a speech at the POV ceremony, so she threw it today. Sounds like it was chess moves somehow.

    Kaysar announcing his plan: he's going to march Jen and Apr into HOH, tell them they don't need their votes, but if they don't vote to evict Eric they will be gone the next week. That way their own alliance will be frightened and won't trust them.

    Kaysar said he threw it also. Howie said he knew they were both faking.

    Kaysar said he told James he would win, and he should lift his head up proud and give them a piece of their mind.
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    Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar talking in HOH room. Janelle explaining about the Veto comp. It definitely was a chess game. Janelle and Kaysar threw it while James tried extremely hard to win to make a personal statement towards Eric.

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    Kaysar just came up with a plan to bring april and jennifer into the HOH room and expose them and then threaten them. Kay will tell them, we have the votes, if you dont vote to evict Eric, one of you will be gone next week. That will get their votes in turn causing dissension amongst the remaining hammies--Ivette, Beau, and Maggie...its SOOOOO BRILLIANT. The tides have absolutely turned

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    The three of them are laughing about Ivette saying she didn't come here to have a stressful summer.

    Kay: You notice there's no more dirty sex talk anymore, cussing every three seconds...

    How: We gotta keep winning HOHs.

    Jan: we can't let Jenny or Maggie win it.

    Kay: Beau says he's very athletic.

    Howie saying that anyone can have their day.

    Kay: Like today, we have the numbers and we have the smarts.

    Laughing that it was a game of chess.

    Kay: BB, don't make it look like it's a setup!

    Janelle saying the knight is her famous piece. Saying they were nervous because they didn't know how to play chess.

    Kay: do you think that April and Jenny still deny their partnership to Ivette and Beau?

    Janelle doesn't think so, Howie does.

    Kaysar talking about Eric confronting him earlier with some story about James lying to him about Ivette and Beau, and Kaysar told him James had never told him that story. Janelle laughs and says that was her.

    Jan: They're like 3 moves behind us.

    Kay: They're like 10 moves behind us.

    How: Because they just got comfortable, and didn't look ahead. they just sat there outside at that table, didn't think ahead.

    They can't believe that April and Jenny are still lying about their partnership. Apparently, Maggie admitted she is a partner with Eric.

    Kaysar laughing very hard. "What the hell? ahahahaha"

    Howie: you create mistrust, and they all jump ship. You effed him.

    Kay: You know, you have to get effed to understand this game.

    Kaysar says Ivette told him and Howie, you guys are going down. They just laughed.

    Saying they were just laughing when they were told to utilize the chess table.

    Jan: With all those leadership speeches and mickey mouse pancakes.

    Howie saying he knew the couples in the first week and a half.

    Kaysar said he heard stories like, don't nominate me, I did your laundry, I'm nice.

    Jan: that's the dumbest thing ever.

    Kaysar saying Eric was pissed and yelling at him.
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    I stepped out for a bit, but they were talking about the veto competitions and how they matched the HOH. Eric's POV competition was sort of fire-fighterish because Eric recognized the type of harness instantly. "This is a class 3 harness." I missed why they thought Rachel's fit her, but this week's definitely favored Kaysar's interests.

    I need to find out what's going on elsewhere in the house, so switching to Cam4.

    April and Ivette in the Storage Room crying her eyes out. Saying she feels betrayed that Maggie and Eric are admitting they know each other.

    Her voice is shaking.
    Ap: The deal is you, me, Beau and Jennifer are alone.
    Iv: What about Rachel?
    Ap: I think she's with Howie. Who stayed on that surfboard?
    Iv: Boy, did this rock the boat.
    Ap: I cannot believe - I can tell you this. You, me, Jennifer and Beau need to stick together. Do you hear what I'm saying. We need to pick who we want to go with, and stick with them. And hope we don't get picked off.

    Iv: There's only 3 twists.
    Ap (panicked) I didn't watch all of Season 5!

    They leave.

    Ap to Rachel: Please be honest with me, do y'all know each other?

    Ra: I said we weren't brother and sister.

    Ap: But do you know each other?

    ra: yes.

    Ap: Okay. okay.

    Now I have video of Ivette listening in on Eric with someone, but I can't hear them well.

    Ivette hears something that makes her burst into tears and storms off to the dining room. Now Jennifer is crying. Sarah is talking to her but I've got no freaking audio!

    Okay, here it is.
    Jen: I'm just flirt, I would never do anything and I feel so bad.
    Sara: it's okay, go ahead and flirt! Everything I told you besides that was true.
    Saying her background, her bad ex, none of it was a lie.

    Ivette is sitting at the dining room table with her head down.
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    CAMERA 1:

    K, JAN, H talking in HoH.

    K: "Yeah, but we're going after the big fish."

    H: "It's like cell division, they get divided and now they keep

    K: "Yeah, we can divide them further. So A and JEN are still saying they don't know each other."

    H: "Do they really think we don't know?"

    K: "Here's what we can do. Bring them both up here and tell them that we have the votes to vote out E, and then maybe tell them to vote with us, or they're going pu next week."

    H: "Hmm... we'll see."

    Feeds time out during a discussion of K and R saying just how they managed to throw the VC so JAM could win.

    K: "B says he's athletic."

    H: "Just remember. Any given Sunday... I even beat JAN at chess the other day."

    JAN snickers... "Ya know, the necessary piece is the rook. That's why I always go after that one."

    (The three start talking too fast, basically laughing at the comments of the "big" alliance... making unbased accusations against each other, and being corrected. "No... he didn't tell me that yesterday. JAN told me last week." and "I don't know anyone here" seem to have multiple occurrances. Apparently they all have watched A and JEN talk about how they aren't supposed to know each other.)

    K: "You know what's weird? You have to get effed to know what's going on in here."

    H: "They had to be pooping a golden brick, standing over there near the chess table. VC against two major chess players. You guys play every day, and then JAM wins"

    JAN: "Yeah, instead of having their stories from E, and their speeches, and their mickey mouse pancakes... maybe they should have been playing chess. They don't even know the three of us..."

    (3 minutes of missed talk)

    JAN: "You know, H, that is the nicest shirt I've seen you wear. You should wear it everyday" (ED. NOTE Navy Blue Collared Three Button Fitted Sleeve Polo Shirt)

    K: "Ya know... I think they do the events based on who the HoH is. E had the eating thing and the physical veto. I'm intelligent, so I got the spelling bee and the chess competition. R is atheltic, so got the climbing thing. Oh, and she said she does rock climbing."

    JAN: "What was her other thing?"

    K: "I don't know."

    H: "Surfboards... sighhhhh"

    K: "And you know what? E even knew the equpiment. He was like 'this is a class three harness' and such..."

    H: "I should get some clothing deal out of this. I've been clothed and in every competition so far."

    K: "I don't get it. You'll spend $1,000s on plastic surgery, but you won't buy nice clothes?"

    H: "What you don't like the ??? shirt?"

    JAN: "No! Burn it!"

    (unintelligible chatter)

    H: "Ya know, we just gotta keep winning the battles so we can win the war. What's it been? Three weeks? I gotta get some"

    K: "Yeah, I'm proud of you. What you gonna do when you get out of here?"

    H: "Oh, I'm gonna have to find and bang some chick or something..."

    They laugh, and cam switches to Subway Room.

    JAM, E, and M are talking about how fast they figured out JAM and S... with I standing out of camera range.

    M: "I'm sorry... but I'm just not going to be able to talk to her (S). I'll be nice, walk by, but I just can't talk to her... Iv, it doesn't change anything in this game that E and I are a pair! We didn't lie to you."

    (sound issues)

    E: "But I just can't understand... I mean, when someone swears on their life and then... how can you trust that? Then again, you knew you had the 'in'."

    JAM: (fiddling with GPoV): "No, but I knew that if it were down to just me and K"

    E: "But it wasn't down to just you and K"

    JAM: "But I didn't know it until K stepped to that red square, and then I'm like... (slaps forehead)"

    E: "Yeah... you gotta teach K how to throw something right."

    (some mumbling under their breath about K being too smart and having this planned for two weeks)

    JAM: "Yeah, his smartness should be illegal. Oh, and by the way, I don't have a college degree and I'm not a teacher."

    E: (stupefied look on his face) "......."

    JAM: "That's for you to know."

    E: "Dude... I don't want to know. I just don't... Ya know, it's been fun, I gotta go..."

    (feeds time out, I post)

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    oops, wrong thread. sorry

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