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Thread: 7/23 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Ivette seriously crying now. Sarah saying she felt very comforted by Ivette and April when she told them about her ex, and Ivette flips out and said that her comfort was given "in innocence" and now she's bawling.

    Maggie goes by: Ivette, you should go talk to Beau, and April and Jen. (Subtext: get away from Sarah.)

    Sar: I wanted to tell you this ... (Maggie interrupts, says she knew from the first night because she called him babe)

    Ivette :Here I am innocently trying to...

    Iv: What is us four going to do with monsters like this? (pointing at Sarah? Wow!)
    Do you know what kind of disadvantage we're put at?

    Maggie: This game flips on a dime.
    Iv: Are you Julie?
    Ma: No. I know Julie, I love her, but I'm not her.

    Wow, maybe Ivette didn't know about the pairs. She is seriously torn up.

    Mag: Sarah, you know this is why I didn't hug you.
    Sara: But I was going to hug you for you, not for the game.

    Maggie says that James figured Maggie & Eric was over a car conversation.

    Iv: But you really do live in Sebastopol?
    Ma: I grew up there.
    Iv: But you don't live there, you live in Vegas?
    Maggie nods. then: I'm not a hippie. Ivette, think about strategy now. You may be hurt. Find solace in each other.

    Iv: What a disadvantage. We don't have anybody, do you understand that? You have someone you are playing for. You have more reason to play, to fight. (huge, whiny crying voice now)

    Ma: I understand your point of view but I can't console you know.

    Iv; You play harder for captain. that's 3 people.

    Beau: Howie and Rachel are related, or effin cousins or something. they won't say.

    Ra: I just said I was not related (from the other room)

    Beau: Well, whatever, you're friends (rolling eyes)

    Iv: I feel like we're the four little effing toys here.

    Ma: If you are the 4, then no one in this house knew that. It's the producers who choose how the game started.

    Iv: How can Janelle sit there and trash Ashlea?

    Ma: I don't know but that's not how I'm going to play. All you can do is ...

    Iv: And I'm sorry, I would never have done anything with James..

    Sar: Oh please, don't worry about that at all.

    Iv: I really wasn't flirting with him.

    Sara: Please, don't think anything like that.

    ... (dumb argument about flirting with James)

    Sarah saying everything she said about her background was true.

    Maggie: Summer of Secrets!
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    All the feeds are on the conversation in the dining room.

    Mag: I'm not a lesbian, I'll make that clear, and I'm not a hippie.

    Hmmm, Ivette looks down at the table.

    Sarah going on and on about James being her hero, her shining star (puke)

    Maggie: What we have to remember, what we're allowed to give away and what we're not.

    Saying you can't say anything that has to do with the way they were casted.

    Er: Ivette, you're not alone. The lines are drawn. Now play!

    Iv: You know what I said? Everybody has more of a motive. Mentally I feel it's a disadvantage.

    James: It's more of a disadvantage to have a secret partner.

    Ive: JAMES CAN YOU JUST BE NICE FOR ONE EFFIN' SECOND. (more ranting like this)

    Eric and Maggie try to calm her down. Saying the stuff not related to the game are not a lie.

    Er: I have no reason to lie at this point. The things you told me in private are still private. You can check the tapes when you get out of here.

    Switching to 3 and 4.

    Janelle, Howie and James are incredulous that Ivette is holding on to the lie.

    James saying the comp was beautiful. Janelle bragging how she threw it.

    Grrr, all the feeds are back on Ivette. She's in high moral outrage mode.
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    Caught the end of a conversation between April and Ivette. April was calling Ivette out a little about her little secret. Ivette got enraged, and April said she hadn't told anyone.

    Feeds change to HOH room.

    Sara: they are still stupid for trying to keep that lie! Don't lie to me! Get over it!

    James: Who should we put up next week?

    Janelle wants Maggie and Ivette.

    James: I'd rather get Ivette out first. As much as I like her as a person, she's unstable and she's a ** nutcase.

    Sarah: I like Ivette, but she is a ticking time bomb.

    How: Everybody says it's just a game, until it hits them then they explode.

    FEEDS freeze...

    Jan: We would definitely take Eric out.

    How: You don't want to put a couple up because that doesn't create controversy.

    James saying because he knew about Maggie, he knew everything eric would say was a lie.

    (I have to run, sorry!)
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    (Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I thought people might be interested in it despite the delay.)

    Eric & Maggie sunning in the backyard, about 4:30 p.m. Big Brother Time (post-Veto competion).

    M: Everyone knew. Before I got on the chess board, Ivette didnít give me a chance to say whether or not I wanted her, she came up to me and said, ďIím playing for you tomorrow.Ē
    E: That was because, after she had her conversation with me and I let her know Ė thatís when I unloaded about James Ė so, just so you know, thatís when I unloaded about him being the second vote and all that bullshit. Thatís when she walked over, Ďcause thatís exactly what she said she was going to do. She said, ďIím going over there right now.Ē She was so f-ing pissed off.
    M: Hey, she walked up to Beau and told him what he was gonna do.
    E: Did you see how pissed off Beau was this morning? Did you even notice that?
    M: Yes, of course I did. But I donít doubt for one second that Ivette & Beau are playing together, Ďcause she talked to him like I talk to you.
    E: Maybe. Thereís no way we can prove it, though.
    M: Eric, Jen just hinted to us that Ivette isnít playing the way we thought she was. Why is she doing that? Whatís her motive? For us to believe we have no one in this game? If we donít have Ivetteís vote, we have no one in this game.
    E: But she has to vote somebody off.
    M: Right. What Iím saying is: If I was set up, like I know I was Ė I know Janelle was playing for James, I know Howie was playing for James, I know Kaysar was playing for James, I know James was playing for James Ė the only things I donít know is me & Ivette.
    E: Itís possible. My gut feeling says No, but I donít know anymore. I donít know anymore becauseÖ I canít give you an honest answer. I donít know. After today, I guess anything is possible. Cause I donít know about you, but I was totally blind-sided.
    M: Eric, I was 100% --
    E: I donít think Iíve ever been blind-sided like that in my life. But youíve got to accept it. And youíve got to be a man and youíve got to be able to accept it. Move on, and not pull a Michael and go hide in the Gold Room and all that other stuff. You know what I mean? Iím leaving the way I came in. If I have to leave, Iím leaving as a man. Iím not leaving as a wimp. Or as a coward. Iím not gonna do it.
    M: I know that. (pause) If they think that Iím smarter and more strategic than you are, I donít want you to burn any bridges before I leave.
    E: No, but at the same time, Iím not going to lobby for me to stay. I will just be me. Iíll guarantee you that: I will be me.
    M: Are you going to keep playing as if Beau & Ivette didnít do anything wrong?
    E: I want to find out. If thatís what youíre thinking, thatís I want to find out.
    M: Donít try to find out.
    E: No, what Iím saying is: If it comes to me, it comes to me. If it doesnít, it doesnít.
    M: Jen is making me think that she knows something, though.
    E: I donít think Jen knows anything. I mean, I donít think sheís stupid, butÖ I donít know.
    M: I donít have any doubt that her & April are together. I really donít. I donít care.
    E: It doesnít matter.
    M: Right.
    E: It doesnít matter at this point. Theyíre gunning for me. Letís call a spade a spade. Theyíre gunning for me. They want me gone.
    M: Not if James says, ďWait a second. Maggieís smarter than Eric.Ē
    E: That doesnít mean that heís not going to get rid of me, because he knowsÖ
    M: At this point, they need to get rid of both of us, and they canít.
    E: Iím not going to sway them either way. Iím going to let them stew in it. Let them stew in it, let them figure it out on their own. ĎCause I think that somewhere thereís going to be a crack.
    M: Yep. I just donít feel like I can believe anyone right now.
    E: You canít.
    M: The only person I believe right now is you.
    E: You canít believe a soul in this game.
    M: Wow. Way to make us feel alone. At least we have each other right now.
    E: Yeah, for the next few days. Kaysar doesnít feel alone Ďcause he sold Michael down the river anyways.
    M: Do you think that thereís anyone up there whoís really not together? And are playing like they are?
    E: I used to think that I was a good character of people, but this is also a game. You know what kinda stinks about it? Is that Iím gonna doubt people even more when I leave here.
    M: Am I?
    E: No.
    M: No. Eric, I surround myself with good people.
    E: Yep. I told myself I was coming in to this game, playing it in a certain way.
    M: I told myself I would do anything for the money, and I was wrong. I wonít. And I am so pleasantly surprised.
    E: Yep. Thatís what Iím saying: Iím not going to go out and go through all that bullshit. Fók that. Iím going to be me. Iím just going to be me, girlfriend.
    M: All weíve got in this game is each other.
    E: Right now. And Iím telling you: you need to be prepared for me to walk out that door on Tuesday.
    M: As do you, I.
    E: Either way, theyíre screwed. Nobody better go to sleep with one eye open. Without one eye open.
    M: I know that. But they know that about each other, too.
    E: Right. You need to play on that.
    M: The 5 of us that I thought were together? I was wrong.
    E: I donít know. But you have nothing else to bank on.
    M: The only thing I have to bank on is you. Once youíre gone, I will be alone. And Eric, I canít lie: I donít want to partner up with anyone.
    E: I know that. But you have to.
    M: Once one of us is gone, weíre no longer a threat. The next goal needs to be to split up every partnership.
    E: You need to sell that to them.
    M: They know it. The people whoíve already been split know it.
    E: What do you want me to do, Maggie? Listen, the chances are that Iím leaving, okay, thatís the chances. I had a gut feeling Iím going home Thursday. In that event Ė
    M: God, donít leave me!
    E: What do you want me to do until that point? What are you looking for me to do?
    M: I want you to stay good with Ivette. I want you to be wary of Beau, because I think heís playing both hands.
    E: Okay.
    M: I think he knew what was going to happen to me today. I really do.
    E: Okay.
    M: I want you to be wary of Ė
    E: But you donít want me to call anybody out, though, do you?
    M: No.
    E: You just want me to listen. You just want me to keep my big mouth shut and listen. Okay, I can do that.
    M: If Ivette was acting today, then I have no competition against her because sheís fooled me in more ways than one.
    E: I just find that so hard to believe that she could have acted that bad.
    M: Iím going toÖ This is what I need to do: I need to believe thereís people as good as Ė
    E: You.
    M: Me.
    E: You know, you donít have anything else to go on, girlfriend.
    M: I just got deceived. This is probably the Big Brother Award for Deceiving.
    E: Hey, you know what? Weíll probably be on one of the highest rated shows. (laughs) You gotta laugh about it, Mags. Hey, I told you I was a winner when I walked through that door.
    M: I know that.
    E: I really believe that.
    M: I think Aprilís playing this ďgiving upĒ thing. Thereís no way that she would give up or she wouldnít be in this game. I donít even need to look behind myself to know whatís going on. Now, everyone else has separated themselves. We are the only 2 who are openly talking to each other.
    E: We got nothing to lose, though.
    M: We got nothing to lose.
    E: So, fók it.
    M: So we need to play as a team until Iím gone.
    E: Or until Iím gone.
    M: Or until youíre gone.
    E: But, Maggie, you Ė
    M: Not for nothing. I think they see me as a bigger threat than you.
    E: ĎCause they know my game. They donít know yours.
    M: Thatís right. Iím an unknown. Iím more dangerous.
    E: There are emotions involved.
    M: If theyíre smart, theyíll get rid of me.
    E: Theyíre not as smart as they think they are. They gotta think with their emotions.
    M: Eric, I got fóked today! Iím not going to lie. I had my ass handed to me.
    E: You did?! You did!
    M: Yeah. Kaysar told me that I was a pawn. I will never trust him again.
    E: Thatís the thing. If he doesnít pull this shit out, heís done. He better hope ó
    M: No.
    E: You were blind-sided? As soon as he asked Janelle, I knew I was done. I knew it. I even said it. I was like ďYou got me. You got me right where you want me. Iím in checkmate.Ē
    M: Youíre not in checkmate, youíre in check. Checkmate is when you have no position to move in.
    E: But right now I donít have any position to move.
    M: But the gameís not over.
    E: No, itís not.
    M: Regardless of the point, one of us is going to stay. And thereís not a damn thing they can do about it. So they better warm up to that.
    E: But see, Iíve already won one Head of Household, so they probably think Iím a bigger threat to win. But Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially a woman by the name of Maggie.

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