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Thread: 7/22 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Ybittch is going crazy...

    "Did I need to have this stress in my life? Did I need to spend 2005 like this? Did I need to lose sleep like this? Did I need to have all this stress? Did I need all of this?" - Yvilette

    "Well you have to ask yourself, will this make me a stronger person in the end?" - Crappy

    While they're moping and spazzing together, James, Sarah, Howie, and Rachel are out in the backyard chilling.

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    First night of Live Feeds this year for me!

    11:45pm-1:28am Hamster Time:

    Eric and Howie are sitting at the bar in the Kitchen discussing the ~3ft. (1m) tall black chess knight prop at the bottom of the spiral staircase. They speculate that this is a sign that the veto competition for tomorrow will be mental and not physical. Their conversation ends shortly after that revelation, and so....

    Maggie and Eric steal off to the bathroom to strategize, primarily over participation in the veto competition. Maggie wants Eric to play for her. Eric wants to keep his word to Kayser not to participate, but is still hoping to have Kayser agree to choose him (Eric) to play for him (Kayser). Maggie sees through this, assures Eric that it won't happen, and encourages Eric to break his word and participate in the veto competition for her. Eric remains non-committal, and so he heads to...

    Bed. Everyone (almost) is in bed. James spends a couple minutes repeating "Go to bed Howie" without stopping to breathe, and the camera (#4) switches to the...

    HoH room, where Kayser and Jennifer are talking. Jennifer appears frantic, having sneaked into the HoH room to talk strategy with Kayser. Kayser assures her that the plan is still to vote out James, keeping her safe. Deluded but comfortable, Jennifer checks the spy screen and sneaks back to bed. This then means that...

    Kayser is the only person awake. He takes 12 minutes or so to look at himself in the mirror, 9 to shower, and 4 to just walk around the room. He spends 16 minutes or so praying, 2 more just walking around, 1 to move all the covers and pillows to their optimal positions. Just like that, Kayser gets ready for bed in only 44 minutes! Once in bed, he spends 11 minutes flipping through and finally reading his copy of the (Qur'an?). Kayser turns out the light, checks each room on the spy screen, settling on the fish, and appears to try to go to sleep.

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