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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

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    7/21 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule. All posts that are comments or "jokes" and not transcripts will be removed from this thread.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the feeds - whether watching or reading!

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    Not much going on right now. Back and forth fish and feeds. Michael and Beau are talking about the fish. April has just declared she knows that Michael is crazy and Eric and Beau agree.
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    ER: so what do you think?

    James and Eric in the weight room.

    Er: I think he wants Ivette out.

    James: One thing he told me when they were playing chess is that he knows April and Jennifer and sorority sisters. He thinks they screwed over Mike, but I dont' think he'll do anything because he's safe from them.

    Eric: You heard what he said about POV. You were there. (the promise doesn't extend it that far)

    James: I can win that POV.

    They say he can win it and not use it, so that Ivette will go. Eric says he would rather see Ivette go than James.

    James says that Kaysar and he have a bond of respect from that conversation about Iraq.

    James says that Kaysar told him, "Eric had me do that when he already knew I wasn't going up. " Saying that Kaysar knew it would be Michael and Janelle, not him. Eric surprised by this.

    They both think that he wouldn't put up Howie.

    James saying he wouldn't put up two people that would split the house. He thinks if he goes up April and Jen would vote him off.

    Saying they need to get Kaysar to say James is safe. Saying he can promise not to use the veto.

    Rachel comes in and interrupts.

    Er: Please, you know you're safe. She put him up the first week.

    Ra: I didn't make any deals with Kaysar.

    Ja: It's a crap shoot.

    They break up.

    April, Maggie and Ivette. April is tearful. Saying at least if she goes next week she went after that SOB that went tonight.

    Ivette doesn't want to stay if Cappy leaves.

    Ap: At this point, it's not about the money. I don't think about the money every day. I don't care about the 20 thousand or whatever it is.

    BB: Eric, please go to the DR.

    (someone yells off camera, DUMBA**!!)

    James walks up and tells the girls this is what the game is about, and that they coasted for two weeks. Ivette saying as strong as they were she didn't expect to get knocks yet.

    General talk

    Iv: The funny thing is, the two people who voted for him to leave are the two people who's back he's got. Isn't that funny. Ain't life a bitch like that.

    Ja: Janelle's in that room
    Iv: I know. I was just telling Maggie that I said the biggest regret I'm going to have in my life and I don't have any. Is that I voted for him to stay instead of leave (first week).
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    James and Sarah both crack their knuckles.

    Janelle comes out, and someone comments on her jeans.

    Ja: No room yet, huh?

    Iv: they have to prepare anything.

    ra: If you get chocolate, can I have some?

    Maggie saying she only got 5 M&Ms last night and she sounds mad. Saying he heard it was Rachel's fault. Sarah blames Howie and Michael.

    James quizzing Sarah about eating ice cream.

    Sarah: I'm just not eating anything that tastes good anymore.

    Ja: Poor Sarah.

    Sarah: Yes.

    You can hear noises upstairs from the HOH room.

    Ivette saying he can't contain himself, Kaysar has to scream.

    Kay: It's just that I was so nervous. You saw it, it was down to the wire.

    Ivette looking sour.

    All strategy talk is done now that Kaysar is there.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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