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Thread: Differences between the show and the feeds, aka EDITING

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyper
    Having seen preproduction (vicariously through FORT) and post production, I like to believe I will be more likely to take future reality "villains" and "heroes" with a grain of salt. I guess I rather naively thought that the editors couldn't stretch the truth THAT much.... cameras don't lie. Silly me.
    It's kind of makes me think of Kendra on TAR6? when she said that the comments she made about breeding were edited out of context. Maybe she was telling the truth. I was watching last night's show and was just shaking my head at the editing job they were doing.
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    Thinking back, when most of us found out Eric was not kicked out for his outburst, a lot of us were pretty upset. I think this is CBS's way of saying "What Eric did was just because of the things Michael has said". Unfortunally, it really made Michael out to be the bad guy, sadly.

    I think that the editors know as well as we do, along with the house guests, that Michael is going home this week. This just gives them good ammunition to use to say "this is why everyone voted to evict him". Makes sense to me, and I can understand.

    As for Ivette, though, the editing doesn't make her any less annoying. She does the same thing on TV as she does on the feeds, so it's hard to edit. If Kayser gets HoH, you can imagine whos going up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    In the conversation last night, she said it wasn't right for Kaysar to be in the house, because by putting himself around "temptation" (girls in bikinis, I guess) he was compromising his beliefs.
    Perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Christianity forbid sex before marriage? So wouldn't Evilette's 'point' apply equaly to any Christians in the house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaebolga
    Perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Christianity forbid sex before marriage? So wouldn't Evilette's 'point' apply equaly to any Christians in the house?
    And isn't Evilette Catholic anyway?
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    Given she's a lesbian with a partner I'm guessing she doesn't take the Pope too seriously if she is.

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    She said on there that she prays, but that she is not a "practicing" Catholic (and that she doesn't go to church.)
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    IMO this season the show is fairly accurate with the live feeds showing the "character" of the houseguests. Of course, I agree that they will show things in different order, like the bodybuilding thing and Eric sort of apologizing to Mike making it seem like he did that after the "fight" when the tv show had Mike still in a goatie when Mike had it shaved when the "fight" happened. Anyways, so far, for me, the TV show is pretty much in synche (sp) with the live feeds.

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    Right now at this juncture, I think the show has really split from the feeds. For example, this is from the Kaysar thread in the show forum:

    Kaysar seem like a good guy, but right now his chances of winning is slim. He has too many people after him, and no alliances except Janelle, who is practically unless at the moment and Howie who seems too busy getting a girl.
    It did seem that the clips they chose to show on Saturday were Kaysar being indecisive. I know they are trying to keep it suspenseful and surprising for Tuesday, but I do wonder how they are going to explain James' defection. Even the nomination of James puzzled some show viewers because they didn't include any talk of the idea that it would force Eric to choose between his partner and his ally in the house. (Or maybe they mentioned it and I missed it?)
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    On the Saturday (7/23) show, the snippets that were shown didn't do justice to the calculation and thought that Kaysar put into his (ingenious) plan. Rather, it looked more like he was being directed by Howie and Janelle about who to put up. On TV, it hardly seemed like Kaysar was in charge - but on the live feeds, Kaysar is clearly in command of the situation.
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    I don't know if you seen the CBS website or not i'm sure you have. I noticed that who does the summary
    really slams Eric and his sheep. They must visit the FORT :-)

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