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Thread: Live Feed Recap, 7/18: It's Quiet. Too Quiet.

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    Live Feed Recap, 7/18: It's Quiet. Too Quiet.

    Despite all my rage I am still just just a rat in a cage. - Billy Corgan

    Itís funny how that quote fits so many days in the Big Brother house. No matter how quiet the hamsters are, no matter how silly with booze or sedated with snacks, they never quite forget that they are imprisoned. It really doesnít matter that they committed themselves voluntarily; they all get a little stir crazy. So Iím happy to report that for once they have started to exercise their nervous energy in positive ways for a change. It only took hours of talks behind the scenes to convince them to, as Arnold Shapiro reportedly put it, ďtake their maturity up a level.Ē Raise your bottles of near-beer, as alcohol has been banished for the time being. Hereís to classiní up the joint! *clink*

    News of the Day
    • Eric, despite charging at Michael whilst screaming epithets, and having previously said he would kill Michael if he dared to come to the back yard, is still in the house with no repercussions.
    • The POV competition was completed on Sunday. James won the veto, with (according to Eric) vital help from Eric.
    • The POV ceremony was held Monday. James did not use the veto.
    • Breaking news, Monday night: Ivette told April she doesn't have a boyfriend...she has a girlfriend!

    After the Threateniní

    Letís flash back to early Sunday morning. The fish tanks were blocked for most of the night, and the talk was quiet and guarded the next morning. Live feeders were able to gather that the houseguests were immediately separated when the fight started. Eric was isolated in the Diary Room for an extended period of time, and only allowed out to use the bathroom. Ivette says she was locked in the weight room for two and a half hours, and that she could hear Kaysar roaming free in the house (which made her furious, of course). The houseguests were kept waiting for a reason: bigwigs Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner were called in to intervene. You can bet there were some talks with the CBS shrink, too.

    April and Maggie seem to have taken the talks to heart, and repeated some of what they were told. Peopleís emotions were hitting sky high over events that were repeated by several people - and did they remember the game ďTelephoneĒ from kindergarden? After some discussion, a few interesting details emerged about stories that been repeated willy nilly throughout the house.

    April brought up the incident of Michael punching the bathroom wall in rage because he didnít want to wait for the toilet. Now, as we know, April is paired with Jennifer, and itís likely she had a little knowledge of how this was exaggerated beyond recognition but had no way to bring it up with the Michael hatred raging at all hours. But at this juncture, April said she heard the story from Ivette. Maggie contributed that she had heard about it from Eric, she thought, who had heard it from Ivette who had seen Michael hit the wall. Ivette admitted that no, she hadnít seen Michael hit the wall. But Jennifer had told her all about it!

    April went on to say that she had talked to Jennifer, who said that she hadnít seen anything like that either, just that Michael had waved his hand around in the bathroom one night. Ivette became defensive and said that Jennifer told her the story, even acted it out with hand gestures and sound effects. But still, already the girls had shown that Ivette had been playing it off as something she had witnessed, when she only felt like sheíd been there because of Jenniferís acting job. Or could it be Ivetteís tendency to believe her own embellishments? Somebody took that story from a frustrated hand gesture to proof that Michael is a seething cauldron of rage. Iím not letting April off the hook either; sheís the one who said Michael had been jailed in a Turkish prison for attacking a guy.

    Another story that was debunked on Sunday morning - that Jennifer had been crying and threatened when Cappy intervened in the gold room. Thereís a few levels here, folks. What really happened: Michael and Jennifer were talking about how the rest of the house had talked about Jennifer flirting with him the first few days in the house (before the feeds) and how the group had made her feel 3 inches tall and a whoring cheater, to boot. She explained that she felt she needed to put some distance between them because she was afraid of what her boyfriend at home might think. While they were talking privately, Eric came in the room and began to lecture Michael about making the women feel uncomfortable and as a trained professional, he saw Michaelís actions as sexual harrassment. Michael was dumbfounded, then mad, telling Eric that if anyone had a problem with his actions they should just tell him instead of Eric taking it upon himself. Jennifer spoke up too, saying she and Michael were just talking and working things out. Eric was shouting at Michael to pay attention, but Michael was so upset at the accusation that he sexually harrassed someone he stormed out.

    Jennifer burst into tears, but it lasted less than a minute. She told Eric she was worried they would come to blows because they both sounded so angry, and she didnít know what her boyfriend back home was going to think. However, Eric and Ivette had bandied about a different version of events, in which Eric was the calm, cool voice of reason and Michael had been so violent and intense it made Jennifer cry. The story was repeated around the house incessantly. After a few days, seeing the writing on the wall, Jennifer herself was talking about how much she hated Michael.

    Now, on Sunday morning after the big fight, someone in the group of Sarah, April, Maggie, Ivette and Rachel mentioned that Jennifer had said the only time she cried in the house was about her boyfriend (they must have had some of them in groups when the producers talked to them.) Ivette said it was a lie, because of that night with Cappy and Michael...but now April spoke up again, saying that Jennifer had been crying about her boyfriend, not because of Michael. You could see the dismay on Ivette and Maggieís faces especially, but for different reasons. Ivette, because her favorite rants were being questioned, and Maggie, because she sincerely seems to want to keep everything within the realm of reality.

    Capín Angry

    And what of Eric, who the previous night had gotten drunk and charged at Michael like a bull? He spent the morning quietly talking about the night, admitting that he was in the wrong. Various members of his fan club (Ivette especially, but Sarah and Rachel too at different points) tried to tell him that he was provoked, but Eric seemed determined to take responsibility, even saying that he couldnít blame it on the booze.

    Well, we couldnít expect that kind of attitude to last, now, could we? Itís not long before Cappy is feeling comfortable enough to take credit for Sunday going so smoothly because he shook Michaelís hand at the POV competition. Next, heís reflecting on the fight and congratulating himself for doing as the Bible recommends: turning the other cheek. He had already turned it so many times, he adds, he just couldnít turn it one more time. Soon he had worked up to outrageous statements, like calling Janelle a mastermind who had caused the fight. By Monday night, when someone commented off-hand that the ban on booze had made for a fight-free house, Eric angrily defended himself, saying that booze didnít cause the fight, Michaelís ďstink eyeĒ caused the fight, and Michael hadnít dared show his evil glare since.

    As for Michael, he spent Sunday hiding under a blanket in the gold room as much as he could. Well, it helped that he had Janelle with him. These two have gone from flirty little buddies to seriously sticking to one another as much as possible. Itís not all snuggling and giggling; in fact, what they mostly do is trash everyone else in the house. At first, Kaysar made some attempts to separate them or at least keep them from the constant name calling, but eventually he gave up. The heart wants what it wants - and theirs want to get in as many verbal jabs as possible before Michael hits the streets. Their commentary ranges from Sarah claiming to work in a lingerie shop but mysteriously never wearing a bra, to how disgusting Howie is - but how much they like him, too.

    Monday afternoon, Michael and Janelle roused themselves to hunt treasure. With the thought that one of the safes might hold a veto instead of merely a cash prize, Michael and Janelle became frantic to figure out the combination. Howie joined them, and the search for numbers in the house was on. 317 from the subway room, 534 from the weight room combination...what could it mean? Howie suggested that 317 could mean 3/17, or St. Patrickís Day. Michael shrugged off the suggestion much too quickly, in my humble opinion. Keep your eye out for shamrock knick knacks in the house.

    This Just In!

    After 2:00 A.M. house time, Ivette told April her most pressing secret - that sheís a lesbian, with a long-time relationship. Aprilís reaction was all that Ivette could hope for, saying that she is happy for Ivette, that she doesnít think anyone in the house will feel any differently about her.

    Ivette: You never would have assumed it, though?
    April: Never.

    *waving wand at Ivette* Riddickulus! Damn, I guess it doesn't work over live streaming video. hepcat@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Thanks Hepcat..... Great recap. I look forward to reading them.

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    Thanks so much for sharing! Great recap, love the "stink eye" line LOL!!! Is that guy for real?
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    Always love the recaps!!!
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    Great recap Hepcat, nice to have all that happened in one place. Leave it to Cappy to tramatize women, just so he can console them! *rolls eyes*
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    Ivette: You never would have assumed it, though?
    April: Never.
    Especially since she doesn't have her " LESBIAN!" sign hanging around her neck the way all lesbians are supposed to be indentified and separated from the rest of society. Yeah, whowuddaguessedit?
    Geez, Ivette, what do you mean by "you never would have assumed it" I swear stupid people like her need a good forehead slapping!
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    thanks for the recap.

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    Hurrah for Hepcat!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.... day after day after day. Because of your clear and concise feed recaps, I am able to avoid the allure of them. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Eric (I refuse to use his nickname!) is a big TOOL.
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    Thanks for the recap, Heppy! Your insight clears up a lot about the fight and the past few days.
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