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Thread: 7/19 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Janelle: I am sorry but Ivette is just not sexy. She is one of those girls that if she even tried she wouldn't be pretty.
    Kaysar: One of the 1st days that I was here, Ivette told me she liked to go topless in Miami all the time
    Janelle: Eww, I don't even go topless. I would if I was drunk in Europe...
    Janelle: I am sick of these little shits
    Now they are just talking crap about everyone. Mocking people.

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    Ivette and Kaysar got into a serious conversation a while ago and I paused it so I could transcribe it later. It started as a conversation between Howie, Ivette, Sarah and Kaysar. Ivette was expounding on her theory that Kaysar doesn't belong in the BB House unless he admits he's a hypocrite, because he is putting himself around temptation.

    Eventually it turned into a one-on-one between them.

    Iv: I think you came here to be an Iraqi on the show. In this craziness, you can still be true to yourself.
    Kay: I told you there were many reasons.
    I: Overall, do I agree that your religion fits into this environment? No.
    K: Okay.
    I: Can I tell you, this house goes against a lot, and it causes problems. For you, I am way too outspoken. You don't need to tell me.
    K: but how is that a problem for me, though?
    I: Because you can't handle it because you're not used to it, because it's not expected of you..
    K: But look at us right now, we're having a conversation.
    I: Now. (something about disrespect.) I got completely disrespected. Did I go off, have a slap tantrum, go and smack back? You're putting yourself...
    K: Now we're having a great conversation. My problem is I was trying to get through to you. I am being honest, truly honest, I was completely upset, and I came to you, and told you you're upset, I'm upset, let's get to the bottom of this. I ran to you because I thought, oh my god someone is going to get hurt. I was like, tell me what's wrong, I'm going to try to solve the situation. What happened is you ended up cussing me out.
    I: Okay, but did you give me the full opportunity to finish explaining the story? Or did you tell me, get to the point Ivette, shorten the story? Did you do that or did you not do that?
    K: Can I explain why? Because I felt like it was a very dangerous situation and we were short on time.
    I: But Kaysar, you can't come to somebody and say "what's bothering you" and tell them you can only give me this much?
    K: How much of the story did you get out before a fight broke out, ten seconds?
    I: Kaysar, that was way after. They went inside and we were talking.
    K: At that point, now we were both frustrated because I wanted you to spill it -
    I: That's the thing, I gave you 5 opportunities. I said, "Do you want to hear why I'm upset?" It wasn't the last part that I was upset about, I was upset over ALL.
    K: And I would love to give you the chance to tell me everything, but at that point, I just wanted to solve that so that no one fought.
    I: But you came to me, you didn't say "what did Michael do to you" you said "why are you upset?" (That's not what I saw on the show tonight.)
    K: I didn't know you were upset with me for whatever reason.
    I: To me I was wait a second, we need to back track and say why I was upset. So when you come to me and you approach someone about a conversation, and then you tell someone to shorten the story and get to the point - of course you're going to piss somebody off, and of course they're going to come back and disrepect you. Because whether or not you thinks so or not you disrespected me by saying to get to the point and shorten the story. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you understand what I'm telling you?
    K: All I knew is that Michael had burped in your face.
    I: But do you understand where I'm coming from?
    K: Let me tell you something. I wanted to come apologize when I saw you crying. The only reason I didn't was a couple made eye contact and said, maybe tomorrow. So I didn't, but then later I saw you over here, I gave you a hug and an apology, because I felt like maybe I was overreacting. I shouldn't have blew up in your face like that. I still feel the same about that. Now that tell me, I can see where you were coming from, what your reasoning was. And now it makes sense from me. But I also want you to understand from my perspective, I wasn't trying to say "hey hurry up" kind of thing, I felt like people were in danger and I didn't want people to get hurt. I didn't know you were that upset with me.
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    Iv: Okay, now we backtrack. My whole point is this: let's say I was Beau. He's gay, right? (kaysar makes a joke) IN my life, I try to avoid situations that do not agree with my beliefs. That's me. That's my life. As far as Beau, let's say he walks into a straight bar, not in Miami...(she says everything 3 times, so editing here) and a big guy started staring him down. Yes, Beau has every right to go there, and he has a point of going there to make a point, but he put himself in a situation - do you not understand what I'm saying?

    I think you came here to be an Iraqi on the show. To be a proud Iraqi. And for yourself to see how strong you are.
    K: I told you there were many reasons.
    I: Overall, do I agree that religion fits into this environment? No. As much as they need to be separated, they need to be incorporated. That's my opinion.
    K: I understand you completely, because I lost sleep over it before I came here. I had to make that decision. I love my religion. I had to convince myself I wasn't going to do more damage than good.
    I: Can you imagine a girl, a Muslim girl, can you imagine how much more difficult it would be for her?
    K: Of course. But here's the thing: I gaged it according to me.
    I: But you agree you've had to tweak your beliefs a bit to be here.
    K: Noooooo. It's not like this is the first time I've seen a gay guy or a loud Latina. You're making it into a bigger issue than it is.
    I: It doesn't matter to me, but you asked me my opinion.
    K: I'm trying to explain to you --
    I: To you I'm really loud, to me, I'm not, I'm normal. To me you tweak alot of beliefs to be here. You have to involve yourself with a lot of situations that in real life you would walk away.
    K: How do you know that? How do you know my life isn't exactly like this outside?
    I: Because when you first walked in and people started talking about penises and stuff, you got up and walked away. I think when you get into situations in real life that make you uncomfortable, you get up and walk away. You had to tweak it, and realize, that if you want to be here you have to adjust.
    K: I know that's what you observe. I know in the beginning, I thought I don't know if I want to get in these conversations. The talk does get really raunchy. But I hear this kind of stuff all the time. I'm with white guys, Koreans, black people, and they're not going to be like, "oh, not around Kaysar". I'm like, don't change things on my account. Don't change your life.
    [the camera is panning around and Sarah and Beau are clearly listening in around the corner]
    K: If I have to, I'll walk away.
    I" You've had to tweak it. Here's another example. To you, you're passionate about things. Things are very cleansed. LIke when you told Eric not to pass gas in the kitchen. You have a different perspective on it.
    K: But did that have to do with my religion? No.
    I: I don't know But that's how they are around here and you had to tweak it.

    They agree they've all had to tweak things, but Kaysar doesn't think it has to do with his religion. All of a sudden they are agreeing, and they take off.
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