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Thread: 7/17 Live Feed Discussion

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    Thanks LAGuy!

    Does anyone else find it unsettling that he has sketches of naked women and the Pope on the same page? Ew.

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    shoes? who needs shoes?? barefootdyke's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ams32
    Did anyone see Sarah Kiss James in front of everyone yesterday afternoon?

    yep ... and someone in the room asked her why she did that and james said it was becuase everyone else was ... i guess one of the other girls kissed him on the cheek just previously, so i bet she took advantage of it

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    [QUOTE=Rattus He bounced back and forth between "you'll sit at the table until you finish your meal" and "you'll go to your room without any supper". .[/QUOTE]

    which is why I always gad a stash of goodies in my room, God bless drop ;eaf ceilings.

    As for Eric, he is a disgrace to firemen woth his actions of Saturday, every other season someones been expelled for Violence or something. This moron throws a Chair, threatens to Kill Micheal, and the use of f*c*ing enough times it make a hooker blush. BB should have walked in and drag Eric the red out the door, but thus being " the summer of secrets" maybe Eric is Arnie's secret(nah ain't going there) but I have a idea Eric vs Micheal at WWE's summerslam and Eric can bring the chairs.

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    Eric is definitely not a level headed person and it makes me wonder what type people Las Vegas hires as fire fighters. If he looses it so easily on a game show what would the guy do in an emergency situation during a fire. I would think people working in emergence situations would have to be cool headed level thinking people. At least, if I ever have to depend on people in emergencies I hope they aren't like Eric.
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