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Thread: 7/17 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Quote Originally Posted by flipflops
    They just showed April crying for a few mins, but then switched to Janelle and Kasyar placing chess. Don't know why she was sobbing?
    me neither.
    i didnt hear her tell anyone about it, unless i missed it.

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    She was crying over missing her family.

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    I just caught a few moments of a story that Rachel was telling April and a couple of others in the living room. She had gone out on a date with this guy and they had GREAT chemistry. He was in CO skiing and he may have been a professional??? At any rate, he never got back in touch with her and then she started dating her current boyfriend with whom she doesn't have that same "chemistry." April agreed with her that it is hard to find that "chemistry" with people and when you find it, you don't forget that person. Well Rachel finally looked him up (thinking on the internet), and she found out that the guy was married. She had already figured out that he was married, dead, or one other thought that I forgot. She realized then that he had to be engaged or already married seven months earlier when they went out, and she was glad she had met someone new, even if the "chemistry" wasn't electrifying.

    In the main bedroom, Kaysar, Michael, Jennifer I think (It was Jen or Sarah), and Beau were sitting down and chatting as well. I didn't hear anything that was said in that room though.

    Now Kaysar and Janelle are chatting in the Gold Room and they are talking about picking the lemmings off one by one. Janelle guaranteed him that one of them WOULD win HOH. Seems like they have aligned themselves with at least one other person (not Michael). They are trying to get two more with them.

    April is talking to Ivette and she states that Michael looks like the biggest a**hole, and Ivette is like ITA...April is talking to him er her - Ivette (lol) now about what Michael did when April went to play chess with Janelle April goes up to play after Janelle asks her to play with her, but April doesn't know how - but she doesn't mind learning. Kaysar showed up and so April had to watch. Then April states that Michael came up and threw Janelle's hair back and started kissing her neck and then Janelle played dumb and asked him "What are you doing..." Michael told April that Janelle was the only one who would let them do that to her. And April says that Janelle is just stupid. Little does she know how smart she really is.

    Then for two people who don't like someone, they can't quit talking about him...Ivette refuses to walk him to the door, and asks April if that would be wrong of her. Then Ivette goes off on him burping in her face. "You don't burp in a woman's face." (Well duh, you aren't a woman. What she says next, "Does he think I am a piece of sh*t?" (Well duh...any person with a brain does)...

    Ivette and April continue talking about him, and they go on and on about the fight and how it was Michael's fault - nothing specific, but in general.

    And the last bit before I quit - Michael and Janelle duck under some brown cover in the gold room and start making out...lol Now they are back to talking er just staring at each other now, and Michael at some point has shaved off his new goatee. They are talking smack here and there, but it looks like (and I know she isn't) but it looks like she is giving him a hand job...They showed a hand under the covers about that level but I don't really think so. However, they are back to kissing but Janelle has on some pink outfit and she is making sure her booty is out from under the covers and you can see that her pants are ON. However, her top has slipped off the right shoulder...If anyone has the feeds, this may get interesting!
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    Michael all of a sudden realized that the camera was right on them, and then he found two other cameras that Janelle insisted were 'night cameras." She said she hoped they didn't catch "something," because if they did, she'd be really embarrassed and the only other time she did that, she was in the shower, whatever "it" is. Now they think the cameras are trying to trick them that they are NOT on camera, and they both shared lip gloss and gave each other a peck. Janelle mentions that she kinda wished Michael had won the POV so he could have taken himself off the block.

    They looked like they didn't know what to say, and then Michael tells Janelle about a new restaurant called "Wolcano," that he really likes and she is asking him details like she knows the area. She seems to, as she knows "Barry's," the pizza place next door.

    Darn, I miss these two being oblivious to the cameras!

    However they did just state that the other was very desirable...hmm...c'mon cameras fool these two!

    They decide to forget about the cameras a bit, tell each other how the other one is cuter and then Michael starts feeling her up, and then states how much he wants her save the stupid cameras, then he kicks the sheet off so that you can tell they are both wearing pants he says. He touches her somewhere that she has some bruise, and then they go to the back yard.

    Howie is talking football and how he hates the Patriots. Crappy is back there, so is Ivette (can't see but I hear that ACK voice), and you hear a voice stating for them to go to the Dining Room, but noone goes, and I haven't heard anything else. "Janie" and Michael gave up I guess, because she has just come outside and all you see is Howie and Kaysar talking and Kaysar states that "they" are taking over next week, "their" group. So I guess Howie is stating he is joining them, and Kaysar states that they have other allies on the other side, but that they won't talk about it now. Kaysar tells Howie that Mike is definitely gone, and Howie asks if that is because Michael has too many enemies. I hear other voices, but I only see these two.
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    Eric just told a story about punishing his 7 year old daughter (as in not letting her do something) and she got so upset she threw up. ** He told her he was sorry she got so upset, and she hugged him and told him it was her fault. (I'm a parent, and I'm biting my tongue here - that speaks volumes.)

    Eric, Howie and Kaywar are playing foosball in the backyard. Earlier, Janelle was playing with them.

    Iv, Sarah, Maggie, April, Beau, Eric, Jen, Rachel, James are in the kitchen hitting the snacks. There's no booze tonight. the talkers are Ivette, Sarah, and Eric. Rachel seems quiet. Jen and April are mostly eating.

    F2 followed Beau into the bathroom.

    Michael is on the round lounger thingie now.

    Maggie has a first aid kit out and Maggie is treating Howie's foot or leg. Howie says he had a faulty landing.


    ** See Huntra's post. Thanks for clarifying, Huntra!
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    Eric's story about punishing his 7 year old daughter:

    She did not like what they had for dinner, so she didn't want to eat it. He told her that she would have to sit there til she ate it. Later they cleared the table and she was still sitting there. He told her it was just getting colder. After 45 minutes, she threw up. He says, "Like all kids do when they get nervous and upset".

    My note: *I have never heard of that but maybe kids do that today.*

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    Maggie: Can't you even hold hands?
    Kay: You're not supposed to.
    Maggie: I've never heard about such a thing.
    Howie: Let's see you have a view of the ocean, and it's beautiful. Have you ever had the view of two ankles up here and ...(Howie! I'm blushing too much to finish)
    Kay: You're gifted. You can take any normal conversation and ruin it.

    Howie: what is that?
    Jen: Something weird growing on your back.
    How: Is it like a wart?
    Jen: Eww, do you have warts growing on your back?
    (I have to get away from Howie)

    Howie making a crack about Kaysar having a holy grail on his magic carpet.

    Iv: I'm very loose tonight, I'll be gabbing.

    Eric talking about a "plutonic" date.

    Maggie (or Sarah) says they would go on a plutonic date with Beau.

    Eric: That's what she said. Did that NOT come out of your MOUTH? (everything he says sounds so enraged to me.)

    Switched to F3. Janelle and Michael talking about the Zurich airport, how there's free coffee and it's very clean.

    Jan: I have a piece of glitter from the gold room in my eye.
    Michael taking a look.
    Janelle smoking.
    Mi: You looked cute jumping across that thing today.
    Jan: I did? I wish I could have seen you.
    Mic: the male species...we're a strange group, aren't we? If I leave, I want to do something. I want to do a drawing of you.
    Janelle giving him a doe-eyed look.
    Michael is wearing a necklace and he kissed the charm/medallion.

    Whooping from the house.

    Mich: They're all happy because I'm leaving.
    Jan: Eff them.
    Mich: Give it two weeks, they're all going to hate each other. Ivette is always looking to Eric for confirmation of her reaction. So is sarah.
    jan (imitating) Cappy?
    Mich: I picture Sarah with one of those giant headgear braces.
    Jan: Or using April's mouthguards. She slobbers all over herself. It's like, put the contraption away!

    Eric telling a story about a rich friend in SF. He pauses to use chapstick, blow snot in the air, and then offer the chapstick to Janelle who takes it. (EWWW.) The story goes on, something about a cat.
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