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Thread: 7/15 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    Thanks suncat and Emerald Fox those screencaps are great. I'm hoping the two of you are getting some sleep now. At least it looks like the hamsters are getting curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    Thanks suncat and Emerald Fox those screencaps are great. I'm hoping the two of you are getting some sleep now.
    Nope. Not yet.

    The houseguests have to wake up early for some sort of challenge or ceremony.

    They just had to zoom in on this, didn't they?
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    Great captures, suncat and Emerald Fox! Man, I wish they had found something so they had some leverage with Eric.
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    This is so awesome! Thanks to everyone who shares these shots of inside the Big Brother House!!!
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    Long shot of the food competition

    Howie & James failed to eat "Ice Clam Sundaes" for beverages, didn't get any pics of them.
    Eric, in a wig, as proprietor of the "Snack Shack from Hell"

    Janelle & Beau up for Breads & Cereals, eating "pepper-only pizza" they won.

    April & Rachel up for dairy, eating "sauerkraut pie", they failed.

    Eric mixing up Kaysar's & Michael's snack

    Kaysar & Michael up for snacks & sweets eating "Tuna Malt", they win in 15 seconds!
    Right before, Eric pours water...and Kaysar says "A chaser for Kaysar" (hee)

    Maggie & Jennifer up for meats, eating "Chocolate Snake" only Maggie is a vegetarian so Jennifer does it ALL, and they (or, in this case Jennifer!) win(s).

    Ivette and Sarah up for fruits & veggies, eating "turkey pot poi'....they fail.

    Bonus round for beer & wine....volunteers. Michael & Eric do it, and win. (eating egg salad & sardine sandwiches)

    Ivette with her big mouth open, yelling "cappy, cappppy cappy!!" (of course, she NEVER encourages MICHAEL. Could her alliance be any more obvious?)
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    Love the caps ya'll! Especially Emerald's ones of Janelle and Kaysar - the shower shots are awesome hehe

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    Some caps of tonight

    yaawwwwn - so boring

    Boys get told to do pushups

    kaysar's pushups have MUCH better form than howie's

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    Sorry for any dupes.

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