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Thread: 7/14 Live Feed Discussion

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    7/14 Live Feed Discussion

    Please discuss the goings on in the live feeds here to keep the transcript thread free for just that.


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    Before the discussion even begins, I was wondering if I could ask the live feed people a question: Which houseguests are smokers?

    I'm not a smoker myself, but it just seems that every year the smokers flock together aliance-wise. Which makes sense, as they spend a bit more time at the smoker table than the non smokers.


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    I just had a thought. When Kaysar got his prize out of the gumball machine he kept repeating the number 3. I wonder if this in a number for the combination to one of the safes in the gold room. Does anyone know what Rachel and Ashela got from the gumball machine?

    These people are not near curious about the house enough for me!! What about the puzzle pieces someone else mentioned? Did Rachel even bother to check the books in the gold room after finding the key in the books in HOH? Get nosey here people!!!

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    yea this season the people literally are hamsters. They run around clueless. I don't think Rachel bothered to check the books in the gold room, she probbally thought they would just be empty. They all are just a bunch of fun seekers.

    btw has any feed person heard them contemplating about the safe or anything like that?
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    I think there was something in yesterday's feeds about Michael and Janelle trying to get the safes open by listening at the locks. Also, there was some mention by Michael that maybe they should be looking around the house for something other than quarters (for the gumball machine). Really, Michael...ya think so?? I would have had that place torn apart by now, from boredom, if nothing else.

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    It will be interesting if Kaysar has a important clue, which he doesn't share, and then gets booted tonight...
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    Michael took down the map in the gold room, but was told to put it back up. Later, Janelle wanted to take it down and he wouldn't even touch it. I think they came down hard on him for fooling with it.

    Sort of a mixed message from BB if you ask me.
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    That, or it's part of another secret that they don't want the houseguest to find now.

    Maybe it makes the BB crew feel good about themselves when they spell out to houseguests how to find a secret. Maybe they will have each HOH discover a secret, and if too many secrets are discovered in one week then they won't be able to show them all (especially considering the amount of time they spent on rachel finding the gold room).

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    As far as the three (3) goes with Kaysar I was wondering about the weight room... they have to figure out the combination to that room too right? The safe thing... never though of that. Yes, the books in the gold room, it was so obvious! The camera man zooming in and out in and out! Too funny!

    What do they know about the weight room? I know I read or heard somewhere that they needed to get the combination but they really do not seem too interested in it.

    This is the first year I have watched the feeds but I would have thought that, with the way the discussions were, the previous years were much more interested in testing things out. This year it seems they are much more interested in getting to know each other and talking.

    Then again, maybe it is just me!
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    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    anybody else getting only pictures of the weightroom?
    Yup, with donuts!!

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