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Thread: 7/12 Live Feed Transcripts

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    F3 Eric, Yvette, James and jennifer talking strategy, Eric saying to Yvette to keep her emotions of of it. they want to get rid of Janelle. Saying Janelle will never win anything, that she lashes on to guys so they can win for her.

    Howie arrives and the girls leave.

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    F1 Kasar and Yvette are talking about playing the game with integrity........he doesn't want to lower himself to playing dirty.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Eric and Kaysar

    E:There is a pretty bad rumor going around that if Michael wins HOH that he will put up Ivette and Bo.
    K: What's is reason? Is it the same reason I came up to you about?
    E: You got people in your corner and....
    K: I just want to stay out of this mess.
    E: But you are getting grouped in with them because you are around them 24/7. You were there when that convo took place and you are up on the block right now. So take it for what its worth. I'm just telling you, if you get grouped in with people who are already planning on winning HOH next week and putting up people who are voting in your corner, you better be careful. Because I've got everybody lined up, and that vote should go 10-1 right now. And I'm just telling you that it is obvious to a lot of people that you don't have an alliance but that you've alligned yourself with Janelle, Michael, and I don't know Howie. I told you I was going to be straight up with you and that's what I'm doing.
    K: I'm over that idea all together.
    E: I don't know if I'm safe with Michael. I know he's pissed at me.
    K: Why is he upset with you?
    E: Last night he was...
    K: Why isn't anybody telling me!?!
    E: *sexual harrassment talk*

    Eric tries to deny any relation between Ivette and Bo saying they are in different classes. Kaysar says he feels like he is an idiot for bringing it up. Eric says James and Janelle are part of the same modeling agency. Eric is now running to James to tell them him.

    God, I can't stand Eric. He thinks he rules this house!

    ETA: James asys he can't trust April or Jenny.

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    Eric has just done a number on Kaysar, telling him that he (Kaysar) is perceived as being aligned with people like Michael (how true!) that are talking about winning the next HOH and putting up Beau and Ivette. Since Beau & Iv are "in Kaysar's corner right now", Eric tells K that he might reconsider who he's hanging out with. Eric also says that the whole thing about Beau & Ivette being a team is B.S., because there's no way that Beau (with his class) would have anything in common with Ivette.

    Eric then goes into James and tells him that Kaysar is "shitting his drawers right now." E goes on to say that K is "f-ed up" and that there is "no way he can play this game."

    Ivette comes in and starts talking about kicking Kaysar instead of Ashlea, but James still wants to break up the "team" of Ashlea of Janelle. Eric agrees, and Ivette backs down.

    The 3 of them continue to talk about their "core" alliance: Eric, James, Ivette, and Beau. (Eric says that Maggie "hasn't said shit to him" and James talks about maybe bringing other people in later.)

    Ivette wants to make sure that "that bastard Michael" doesn't win HOH, and both James & Eric think, if he does, that he'll put up both of them.

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    James, Eric, and Ivette talking. Ivette brings up the idea of getting rid of Kaysar to keep Michael alone. Eric and James don't like it. James is saying Maggie is shading right in front of Eric.

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    Under Kaysar's beliefs he is not allowed to lie or talk behind people's backs and Ivette is mad that he is altering his beliefs.

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    Michael and Eric had a long talk about the sexual harassment thing
    and Eric wanted to make sure they are still cool. While Michael
    tells Eric its cool he said this is the last time they will talk about it.
    He goes off to complain about Ivette instigating the whole story
    and claiming Jennifer has her own issues. Eric agrees and tries
    to make up. Overall you could see Michael is still upset
    about it and Ivette who talked to James and Eric earlier
    successfully isolated him.

    Its Kaysar, Michael, Jannelle + maybe Howie

    vs Ivette, James and Eric + friends

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    Howie, Janelle and Ashlea sitting outside. They're running vote numbers. Eric coming out. Howie saying that there will be a second veto comp to get both off the block. Ashelea realizing that he's just saying that to say that. Janelle asking who they would put up and Howie saying they'll put Janelle and himself up and the girls will vote against her and the guys will want boobies.

    Ashelea saying Maggie and James will be independent. Ashlea saying April will do what everyone else wants. Ashelea saying that people shouldn't be able to discuss who they're going vote for so that they'll vote independently of the peer pressure.

    Janelle and Eric go play frisbee.

    Ashlea telling Howie that he was suppose to find how people were going to vote. Howie says to buy the DVD's and she'll find out. Howie basically telling Ashlea that the someone has to be voted out and that's the breaks.

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    Right now the "boob" patrol is interviewing Howie.
    Ashlea and especially Jannelle demand to know from Howie
    who he talked to.
    Howie first makes his usually sexist jokes.
    Janelle flips out and cusses at him then takes it back.

    Finally Howie says he was told to vote for Ashlea. Janelle wants to know
    who told him what, but Howie blocks that move.

    Finally Janelle leaves kinda upset.

    Ashlea doesnt like the news of going next and she still asks the WHY ME question.

    Iwant to know what they said why somebody should vote for me.
    Howie tells her, they dont discuss about it much.

    Michael plays with Janelle some Frisby.

    Howie is still hitting on Janelle and Ashlea.

    Some more sex talk, pretty icky by Howie.

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    F1, 2, 3, 4: Ivette and Rachel cooking dinner while the rest is getting ready for dinner. Nothing too interesting happening right now.

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