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Thread: 7/12 Live Feed Discussion

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    Dear Lord Eric shut it.

    He is going to get voted out real quick if he continues to take this "tell everyone what to do role"

    Poor Kaysar getting woke up for that nonsense.

    editing to add:

    James and Eric's discussion is cracking me up. He said "you didn't say anything to Kaysar right?" Eric said no. lol. Eric is digging himself in, idiot!
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    what is the significance of a live camera crew for the show tonight? I don't get it.

    I am going to go with the idea that Howie is acting, maybe he is studying meteorology right now but as we found out in years past they all really just want to be on tv or the movies or a model. (thinking nice sweet Christian boy Drew)
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    UGH I can't stand Ivette. She just said (about Kaysar) "he keeps running around to everyone telling anything he hears like a little b*tch" (GEE, Ivette, look in a MIRROR lately??)

    She just now said "he's like a sultan here!" (stereotype much, Ivette??)

    Now she's dogging his whole culture.

    She is such a piece of work, that one.
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    I really hope either Janelle, Kaysar, or Michael get HOH. Even Howie could get it but he is a little bit more riskier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buglover
    What is wrong with this guy? lol
    He's an idiot, that's what's wrong with him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corine
    what is the significance of a live camera crew for the show tonight? I don't get it.
    I think it can't be true at this point, anyway. But a live camera crew might imply the show was live instead of all taped footage, and a live show means EVICTION.

    If they were going on the air in less than a half hour the hamsters would all be primping.
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    Copied from transcript thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by cdavisnyc
    Michael & Janelle on the hammock:

    Janelle says that Beau and Ivette know each other from South Beach. Mike says that yesterday Ivette said that "her best friend is gay." Janelle says that Eric is an idiot for not knowing that Beau & Ivette are working together.

    Janelle: "they hate me for figuring it out."

    Janelle: "I don't think it's fair for two people who know each other to be in the house together."
    Oh man, I hope they show this conversation on TV, once they reveal the couples. It cracks me up that Janelle pats herself on the back so much for figuring out ONE couple in a game where there are 7 couples. And she thinks Eric doesn't know.

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    I can't believe they didn't show more tonight of each pair figuring out who is paired with who. Thursday's show is suppose to be live, so when/will we ever see all of that happening?

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    Hi, All! Well, they said on the show that they will be revealing the pairs on the next show. So maybe they will make it suspenseful by showing how they figured things out. Otherwise, they are wasting good moments of the feeds that could have made the show interesting. Oh, wait! That's what they usually do!

    Kaysar seems really down in the dumps right now. He also seems to genuinely like Ashlea and especially Janelle. It's interesting because when he was just talking with Michael, he was very quiet and wasn't communicating with him, and Michael was really trying to draw him out. However, now that Michael has gone to bed and Kaysar is talking with the two girls, he is being a LOT more open. It's so odd--it's almost like he is listening to Eric and distancing himself from Michael. Maybe he really needs the money (don't we all) and he is scrambling to try to seem as though he isn't a pair. This is late at night, though, and no one could hear him talking to Michael. Before Michael left the hammock, he told Kaysar that he was his brother, and Kaysar was quiet and finally said "Me, too" to him. Michael asked him to repeat himself and he did say it louder.

    Kaysar told the girls that if he leaves, he is changing the game before he goes. He said that he knew that Eric was going to go with Ivette, and he (Kaysar) has been quiet and watching, and he does things for a reason.

    The weirdest thing about this week is that Ashlea and Kaysar have been like a team with Janelle and Michael (and sometimes Howie, although of course he is playing both sides), and yet either Kaysar or Ashlea will definitely leave this week! They haven't backstabbed each other (that I've seen). It's refreshing, in a way.

    Also, I'm not sure if it was mentioned last night or not (I didn't see it but could easily have missed it), but there was a big deal made (at about 5 a.m. Eastern time) about Janelle revealing her brains to Michael, Howie, and Kaysar. Michael said he knew all along that Janelle wasn't a dumb blonde and that she was just not showing her depth. If I were Janelle, I might be offended, because she certainly hasn't been acting like a dumb blonde (in my opinion) and has spent most of her time talking about her travels and playing chess.

    Now, Ashlea is telling the whole story about how Cowboy revealed the big twist of Nik being his sister, and how he called the guys in his team into the room, and they didn't believe him at first, and how they thought he was lying. So finally the BB staff gave him a letter proving it. (I guess this comparison is to show that some people won't believe the twist even if it is before their eyes).

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    I had to post again to say that just now (and it is 4:51 here, so I think about 2:00 a.m. hamster time) Janelle and Kaysar were just discussing the fact that there are people watching them right now on those cameras. Janelle said "Hi" to the cameras. I wish I had my computer set up for screencaps. Anyway, Kaysar called anyone watching them late a "freak" and Janelle said we should "get a life." They said they had talked to the producers before the show started and they said there would be a camera watching all of the time, even when they are asleep. They were surprised that anyone would actually watch them that late.

    I forgot to mention that earlier in the night, Michael was talking to Kaysar and said that they have been in the house ten days, and it has flown by. He said that it has been almost three weeks since they left home and went into the hotel. I'm not sure if the pre-house time was confirmed, so I thought I would mention it.


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