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Thread: 7/11 Live Feed Transcripts

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    F2: Eric, Ivette, April, Rachel, and Maggie sitting in the bathroom whispering.

    E: Iíve already gone to the producers. That is how strongly I feel about this. There are too many people that feel unsafe around him. (Michael)
    I: He looks like someone that can get really angry. Itís scary.
    E: I donít want to blow this out of proportion but they need to look at the tapes. They need to look at his aggressive posture when I was talking to him.
    E: Whatís kept me safe, is my gut feeling. There are so many people calling him out.
    I: Why do we have to do it in the form of the game.
    E: This has nothing to do with the game.
    E: He said he is going to play the game straight and if people arenít going to be honest with him, heís going to take them out. Now what does that mean? He didnít say the word evicted.
    A: (whispering-canít understand.)
    A: So one extreme to the other.
    E: Exactly.
    I: Yeah.
    E: Anyway, pleaseÖitís been addressed.
    A: Iím afraid to piss him off, he might go ape s***.
    E: This is supposed to be fun. Our safety should be number one.
    I: Yeah, and itís not game related.
    E: I donít care if I take the heat for it. Iíll walk out the door. Iím not going to take it.

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    F4: Howie, Kaysar, and Michael talking outside.

    M: Let's just win all the competitions.
    K: They're sitting in the bathroom talking right now. Talking about someone.
    M: Who me?
    K: I don't know.
    M: If we win all the competitions, they can jabber all they want.
    K: Watch the a** being kissed when you become HOH.
    H: No, kidding.
    K: I know who I would take out.
    M: Who? Ivette?
    K: Yeah. she rubs me the wrong way.
    M: Actually in the beginning she was my favorite. Too bad the game f***ed it up.
    M: You know, Eric talked to me about sexual harrassment. I was like, "Dude, get off me."
    K: Are you serious???
    M: I was like sexual harrassment?
    K: Really???
    M: Cause Jennifer was flirting around me and they were reminding her that she has a boyfriend and making her feel like s***. I told her that we were all individuals here and nobody's pawn. C'mon....
    M: Then Eric tries talking to me (mimicking Eric)
    M: I said to her that she's a big girl here and she's in a game.
    M: Anyway...whatever. Let them make their alliances. I'm going to do my best to win these competitions. Alliances are alliances, they are going to be broken.
    H: You got to make it happen, man, for yourelf.
    K: You do.
    K: They're just talking in there doing their thing.
    M: Whatever. It doesn't matter.

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