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Thread: 7/11 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Michael is telling Jenny to not be scared anymore. Good advice.

    Eric comes in, and Michael continues on about people talking behind people's backs. Eric says that some people are uncomfortable. He then goes into sexual harrassment talk, and Michael says that he wants people to speak up. Eric says that that could compromise people's positions. Michael is looking really sketchy tonight.
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    Okay, feeds are OK now.

    Eric - "I've gone through multiple sexual harassment seminars..."


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    Eric is basically saying that "sexuality and sensuality" is a gray area, a perceptual issue; you can't really tell when you're crossing the line. And he knows this because he's taken classes on it.

    Um... you can't tell when you're crossing the line? LOL! Um... No comment.

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    Er: if somebody says something, as soon as you win HOH, are you going to put them up?

    Michael saying that Eric saying he's pissed at someone is a misperception. Saying that it's a whole big thing that was built out of nothing.

    Eric : when you say somebody doesn't have a spine or something, you're thinking like a guy, not a woman.

    Jennifer saying women might be uncomfortable coming to a guy with that kind of complaint.

    Eric saying that the women Michael grew up with might be okay with his behavior, but not the women in this house who grew up in a different environment. Saying from his training, he sees it as a grey area. "It's all perception."

    Mi: from now on if I have an issue, I'm bringing it up fair and square.

    Eric saying people didn't want him to say anything.

    Er: Howie was doing the same thing. (demonstrating touching Michael on the back.)

    Eric saying it's not a personal attack on Michael. Micheal saying it;s part of the overall game which is based on talk. Saying if he hears he said she said talk, he's "gonna take them out. That's how I play this game - honestly, and straight. With people I trust. If I don't trust somebody immediately, they will know it."

    Michael leaves for the bathroom.

    Jennifer bursts into tears. (Wha??) Eric holding her and comforting her. Ashlea pops in, and Eric asks her to give them a minute. (I hope his wife isn't watching, Jennifer is wearing what, a sports bra?)

    Er: It's not you. It's him, not you. Deep breaths.

    Jen: I don't like this. (?) I hate it when he talks like that, "take them out." (Saying she didn't want Eric to be by himself with Michael, that it might have come to blows.)

    Both leaving the gold room.
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    Jenny just broke down crying to Eric's arms. I guess she really is uncomfortable. Ashlea came in and quickly ran out. Ashlea is now talking with Jenny.

    J: Aparently, I've not been acting approprietly with Michael accoridng to some people and I'm worried about my boyfriend. Apparently I have crossed the line.
    A: Is it Ivette?
    J: Of course. I've been ignoring him all day.
    J: Ivette has made me feel like I've had sex with Michael.

    Jenny told Howie to calm down the butt touches. Apprently Michael was touching Jenny, April told him to stop, Michael snapped at her, and now nobody is talking to him.
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    Short convo segment between Ashlea and Jen...

    "I don't like this game anymore!"
    "Apparently, I'm not acting appropriately with Michael and I've crossed the line and it's this huge deal!"
    "Wait then sort things out..."
    "It doesn't matter because everyone is thinking it..."
    "Is Ivette?"
    "Yeah of course, I can't believe no one is thinking of nominating her!"

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    Jen: (to Howie) You know those little butt grazes you do? You need to cut it out.

    Howie: Okay.

    Now it's Ashlea and Jen alone in the gold room.

    Jen: I don't like this game anymore. My boygfriend back home may not be back there when I'm done. Apparently, I've crossed the line, and it's a huge deal, and they're upset with him already. (Her and Michael)

    Saying she has been avoiding Michael, then Eric came in and they both fought, but didn't listen to each other. She calls Eric hypocritical because he doesn't say anything at all to Howie for all his "butt-touching."

    Jen: That's so unfair. How come Howie can grab our asses but Michael can't go (making chomping noise) on our necks?

    Jen says Michael was doing something above Jen's chair, and April told him to stop. He snapped at her, what's the big deal. He walked away, and Ivette exploded with all this hatred against Michael.

    Jen said that they are making her feel like I had sex with Michael that night. Michael said something like "make my mother go fetch a duck" ?? (makes no sense to me)

    Jen says she's had people tell her she's acting insecure, and she says that others have told her that Ivette thinks she's insecure.

    Ashlea saying it's no big deal to have issues with your boyfriend. (she's not really playing on the same page, if you ask me.)

    Ash saying that Ivette said Ashlea looks great in a bikini, and that Rachel was jealous of her for that.

    Jen: Rachel has the best body in the house!

    Ash: Kaysar was annoyed with her because he asked her not fart in the kitchen, and she said something about "who are you to set the rules now?"

    Jen: She says things about things that she hates what I'm doing, but then April will go and do the same thing, and she loves April!

    Ash: The only reason she likes April is because April is a pushover.

    Jen: I'm a pushover! It's a Texas thing.

    They both agree a lot of people are pissed at Ivette. Jennifer saying she's not worried about being nominated. Now Jen is saying that Ashlea was the only one who would agree to sleep with Jen (when she got a good bed).

    Ashlea saying it's because of their large alliance. Jen says that was only for 2 weeks, she thought.
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    F1: April and Ivette outside doing laundery.

    I: She has yet to talk to Kaysar and the fact that she's talked to Kaysar twice in the bathroom is strange.
    A: She doesn't want to talk to anyone on a day-to-day basis.
    I: You and I got to be observant. That's just strange. When she talked to Kaysar twice, that's just strange. You know what I mean?
    I: As much as we think he's against us, he's helping us. He's just being observant.
    A: Who?
    I: James.
    A: Oh yeah.
    (Rachel and Beau join in.)

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    Ashlea-There is going to be no hook ups this season
    Jenny-They put a bunch of good looking people in a house with good bodies and we are not going to hook up but people at home will find us attractive

    They both agree they should have put some uglier people in the house. Jennifer likes Drew from last season. She liked Jase too until he opened his mouth.

    Ashlea-I have been cranky, they can edit me into a butthead.
    Jenny-Nobody can be as bad as Omarosa.
    Ashlea-The why they protray me can ruin my life.
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    April is still mad about making her wait for POV.

    Why is Jenny talking to Ivette about Eric and Michael fighting. I thought she hated her. Now Jenny is running over to Rachel and Maggie to tell them.

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