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Thread: 7/11 Live Feed Discussion

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    7/11 Live Feed Discussion

    Please discuss the goings on in the live feeds here to keep the transcript thread free for just that.


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    From 2:30am to about 3 or so, Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie were talking in the bathroom. Howie kept going on about how he initially thought that Janelle was a "typical dumb blonde" and how surprised he is that she's really smart. Kaysar replied one of the times that Howie was saying this (because he just kept going on about it) "She's not really blonde, though."

    Howie also was flirting with Janelle to the point of overkill. I mean, just abnormally flirtatious with her and laying it on thick with the compliments. "You're a walking wet dream." At some point he asked her to give him a hand job, to which she replied "Uh, no" with an aggravated tone. During all of this, Kaysar was pretty much quietly observing. There was a also a little talk about how smart they were for figuring out that everyone is paired up, and that they shouldn't reveal that they know it until the right time - when they can hold it over someone's head.

    Since around 3:00 am, Janelle went to bed and Kaysar and Howie stayed in the kitchen talking more about the pairs. Now they're getting ready for bed. Howie is brushing his teeth and Kaysar is praying.
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    There's hardly any discriptions or discussion on Beau or Rachel. What are they doing all this time? It sounds like people are figuring out the twist pretty quickly. I only give it a day or two before everyone is in the know. Then all bets are off as people scramble to figure out the best strategies. I personally don't think any of the couples will make it to the finals unless two couples form an alliance and aren't voted off. There is still the issue of more people than weeks. I wonder if once the couples are discovered if they will have a chance to vote off a set and what about the singletons left at that point?
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    ok, so if I got this right, at first Janelle, Howie, Ashela ad Kaysar figured out Ivette and beau's pair and were talking as if it was the only pair, but now they've figured out all the pairs? Even the ones invoving them? (them as in have they openly talked about their pairings in front of their little alliance of 4?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter
    There's hardly any discriptions or discussion on Beau or Rachel. What are they doing all this time?
    Beau is busy giving everybody fashion advice and Rachel is quite boring.

    ETA: Eric is a smarty; he wakes up early so he can have one-on-one talks with the other houseguests. Yesturday it was Maggie today it is Rachel.
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    Re: Activities with Beau (what we are learning about him)
    Yesterday, mainly from listening (since the video of the feeds was frozen a lot), we saw Howie getting really friendly with Beau, stroking his arms and legs, resting his hand on top of Beau's head. Ivette really wanted Beau and Howie to kiss - just a peck, no tongue (Howie's words), but Beau wouldn't go for it because he didn't want to embarrass his mom - I guess he told her he wouldn't do any PDA on the show. Also, Beau seems a little turned off, or maybe confused by Howie's attention. (I have to say, I'm quite confused by it, as well.)
    We also learned yesterday that Beau plans to have children through a surrogate, and the person it will be is his best friend Sue Ann, who is a beautiful Korean woman. Howie figured out that he knows Sue Ann (he asked her out when he was trying out/working on one of the many reality shows he has been a part of), and that he has exchanged a couple of emails with her. Beau is a little shocked at first that Howie figured out that he knows Sue Ann, but after verifying a couple of details, it seems legit. Beau also said that Howie is not Sue Ann's type, so he's not surprised that she didn't want to go out with him.
    After some crude-type questions from Howie, we learned that Beau is willing to do it (the impregnation) the old-fashioned way, but more than likely it will be insemination/in vitro.
    Later in the conversation, we got to hear the many questions about what kinds of sexual activity Beau likes (from Howie), to which Beau nicely answered most. Then, at one point, Beau was sitting on Howie's lap and Howie was saying that if they kiss, Beau might get catapulted off of his lap. (Take that to mean what you want it to mean...)

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    WTF? W/ all of Howie's compliments and gross remarks to Janelle and the other gals, I'm pretty stunned that he might be into boys afterall. Maybe his over the top hetrosexuality is to cover the fact that he really isn't into girls. Some of his comments are too over the top not to be considered "trying too hard".
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    Either way, Howie seems to be trying hard to become the most disgusting houseguest of all time, and that is pretty tough company to get into.
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    And here I thought no one could top Jase's ick factor.
    Token Christian.

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    Oh he's just wrong!!!!!!!! Does the carpet match the drapes? UCK
    Yup, with donuts!!

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