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Thread: Likeable/unlikeable houseguests, LIVE FEED style

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    I don't mind Janelle or Howie so much anymore. The HG who is really getting on my nerves is Eric - well, James too for his derogatory comments about Democrats.

    Eric does this thing that I really hate. He makes these angry, derogatory comments to people, then smiles like it's a joke. I hate hate HATE that. So for example, he was putting laundry in the wash, one of the girls (April) said something about colors, and he yelled back, "Well, get your fat ass over here and do it yourself." Then he gave his smile, like it was a joke, when you know he was really ticked to be criticized.

    He does it all the time, not just when he has reason to be miffed. He calls the women "bitch" a lot, then acts like it's a joke. I absolutely cannot stand that. He's a big, solid guy (short or not) so pretending to be all angry is intimidating - especially when you can't help think that he's really thinking of that person as a bitch, not kidding at all.
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    I want to like Eric, but he's just too uptight.

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    I don't think there has ever been a season (of any reality TV show) where the guests were so much a like. The BB producers have done an amazing job of assembling the ultimate "sterotype" cast. I honestly don't like any of them, but I think it could turn out to be an increadible summer once the numbers begin to dwindle a bit.

    Am I off my rocker or is this group alread playing the strategy game way hard for the first week??? It's gonna get ugly, Booyah!!! : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter
    I dislike Eric and Ivette for all the reasons stated above. I think Kaysar is one of the coolest people ever on this show, but because he has a different perspective coming from a different culture, he may just be too different for these 2-dimensional bimbos to appreciate. Janelle still looks like a man to me. I think "Phoebe" every time I read or see "April" so the whole fish soul issue fits right in for me. (Case in point for my Kaysar observation). I like Maggie and Rachel in that they are more normal than the modelling crew. Howie just reeks. Beau is invisible. I don't like or trust James and am sorry that Sarah is paired with him. The first show had me write down "slut" next to Jenny's name... it showed her hitting on all the guys. Now she freaks out over Michael? Helloooo. I'm on the fence about Michael. Want to see more before I decide.

    Count me along side of Gutmutter, I agree completely. I think Ivette has control issues and will probably last longer then I want to see.

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    I liked Ivette going in - I even liked the controlling, mouthy, have an opinion about everything side - but after I heard her saying all sorts of really bad things about Islam, I was over her really quickly. I just can't believe that in this day and age people are still so narrow-minded and judgmental about things that are different than themselves. I think she's ignorant and mean-spirited.

    Ivette and Eric remind me of Scott and Jase in that they think they are the end all, be all, rulers of the house and everyone else should do their bidding. That kind of power trip gets real old, real fast.
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    Ivette is a nasty human being and she instigated the whole fight between eric and michael. She needs to go as soon as possible. What a brat and a horrible person!

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