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Thread: Likeable/unlikeable houseguests, LIVE FEED style

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    Ashlea is a horrible nasty mean person (she was talking about some of the other people in the house when Janelle and her were talking about her going out in a Blaze of glory). She said so and so was fat, how they were so jealous of her that they thought she should get more ugly but she was as ugly as she was going to get and that people were just going to have to get used to it.

    Jennifer seems like someone I would not have anything to do with. She doesn't speak much but then sits in the guys laps, puts her hands on them or whatever. Then walks away. Maybe she is just bad at lying.

    I like Michael, he is interesting but I think I would end up calling him on his crap! (that is just how I am)

    Sarah seems sweet, but her total lapdog, feet licking, adoration of James is awful, like seeing someone from a cult talk about their leader.

    JAMES- DESPISE HIM. simple.
    No one brings out that strong of a reaction on the positive side though.
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    I guess I will give my 2 cents by teams.

    I like April and her voice doesn't bother me but of course most of my family is from east Texas so I am used to the accent. I think she will stay around for the 2nd half. Jennifer is really lacking in personality which is strange for a professional cheerleader. She needs to start being more involved with the group or she won't last long.

    Ivette is ok but I can tell she is rubbing a few people the wrong way. She isn't afraid to say whatever pops into her head most of the time. Everyone in the house either really likes her or hates her. Depending on which side has the bigger number will tell how long she stays. Beau is liked by everyone. I think he will make it to the 2nd half. Ivette late first half.

    Ashlea and Janelle. I can't stand either one of them they are huge racist and think they are above eveyone else in the house. Ashlea is the bigger witch but Janelle isn't far behind and is a lazy slob. They will both be gone early and it won't bother me at all.

    Eric and Maggie are well liked by most. Eric may be pushing the group leader thing a little to hard and that my come back and bite him. I think Maggie is playing a great early game. She is smart, doing more than her fair share of the work, and not ruffling any feathers. I think they both will make it to the 2nd half.

    James and Sarah...James has made the mistake of thinking he has control over anyone else in the house (besides Sarah). He thinks he is large and in charge but he is just a pawn. Sarah I like but she really needs to get a backbone. I can see her being kicked out because the house is sick of her crying especially if James goes out before her. I think they will both go later first half.

    Howie and Rachel. Howie needs to tone it down and pick a side. Does he like guys or girls? Rachel needs to loosen up a little. Right now she is one of those nice girls they can kick out on a hard week. I see Rachel leaving early second half. Howie will either go early because someone who he has offended gets HOH or he will last till final 4.

    Kaysar and Michael...Kaysar is a nice guy that most people like. He needs to distance himself from Janelle tho. Michael is trying to keep up with Howie and thats just not him. Tone it down a little and go back to the way he was acting the first few days and he will go far. I think they will both make it to the second half if Kaysar gets himself out of Janelle's back pocket.

    My vote out predictions based on what I know today this is based only on personalities and smarts:

    final four
    Eric, Beau, April, and Maggie

    No flames please this is just my opinion for today. Tomorrow it will probably be different.

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    Major dislike going for Ashlea and Howie, based on the live feeds.

    Howie tops my "ickiest HG of all time" list - even past Jase.

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    After watching Howie this morning, I would say he is the most unlikeable to me, and far beyond the bad anyone else has done.
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    Beach Bum
    Ashlea, I've already dismissed her...whatever she says & does has no bearing on anything, as she's a lame duck.

    Kaysar, well I have to agree going in, I was against him....he was several things I was predudiced about, but as should happen with a social experiment, he has made me think differently, and open up my mind.

    Howie...JUST SHUT THE EFF UP ?!?!?!? I'n thinking this farting / belching / nose picker will be out next week if he doesn't get his act together.

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    I just don't get Howie. He's disgusting, insulting, and crude. He talks about Janelle and Ashlea in a completely inappropriate manner, and as I write this he's kissing, rubbing, and licking Beau (on the head) in a disgusting, pervy manner. And yet, the other HG's seem to be able to laugh him off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    After watching Howie this morning, I would say he is the most unlikeable to me, and far beyond the bad anyone else has done.
    I don't subscribe to/watch the live feeds, but, based on what I've read in this forum, I agree with Bill's assessment wholeheartedly.

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    I'm just waiting for someone to snap on Howie. It seems that everybody is relatively patient with him since it's early in the game. But the same thing, over and over, will eventually wear on people and it will boil over. I wouldn't last 3 days in that house.

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    I am not really like Ivette now. She is acting like queen bee and is talking behind everybody's back. Everybody doesn't like her and neither do I.

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    I can't stand Eric, he thinks he rules the house. He is trying to tell everybody what to do.

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