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Thread: 7/10 Live Feed Discussion

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    I can't believe what I'm hearing. Janelle is seriously bargaining with her body in exchange for Howie's vote to save Ashlea.
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    I'm soooo confused, I'm reading the transcripts of the conversation regarding Sarah and James as an alliance. But are both Kaysar and Janelle in on this "secret unveiling"? It says "A", is that Ashlea or April???

    Just trying to see how the votes seem to be going.
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    It looks like Howie was serious about not caring who strokes him, whether it be male or female. Kaysar sure didn't wait long to start tickling his fancy. I thought that was borderline overstroke on Kaysar's part, throwing in that the others feel like Howie is dumb.

    I'd automatically start looking real real close and critically at whoever "helped me" out with such a blatently manipulative observation.

    You transcribers are the best. ExLurker, for one, particularly amazed me at the end of the evening keeping up with and keying in what went down. I can't imagine being able to post more than gibberish trying to keep up with a running dialogue of that lenght.

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