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Thread: 7/9 Live Feed Discussion

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    Janelle and Ashlea are the two I want gone in a hurry. They think they are better than everyone else and are such racist. Don't like Eric because he is Jewish, don't like Kaysar because his skin is too dark. Don't like Ivette, made a comment about her being Cuban and her mother scrubbing their floors. Said that no one else in the house was up to their standards. Goodbye and I hope the door does hit you on the way out.

    I was shocked what Eric said about Janelle tho.. "Everytime that B***h opens that C***hole she calls a mouth" and I think he finished with its like nails on a chalkboard. My eyes popped out on that one. Don't think that will make it on air.

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    I have heard Ashlea say some very racist things, but I haven't heard Janelle say any. (guess I missed it!) However, I find that apalling about Janelle, because she is SO nice to Kaysar in their late night chess games. (I mean, they have some very nice, interesting, and sometimes deep conversations....and his personality really comes out then, with joking, etc.) I am sure I'll have instant dislike for Janelle the second I hear her say anything trashing Kaysar (such as stereotyping him, etc.)

    I guess I really hate to see anyone stereotyped. I'll sure be listening for it now.

    Ashlea, though...ugh, I sure hope she goes FIRST.
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    Sorry to tell you Suncat but all of the things I quoted above did come out of Janelle's mouth. Including the comment about wouldn't date Kaysar because his skin is to dark. Ashlea was right there agreeing with her on it all.

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