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Thread: 7/9 Live Feed Transcripts

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    The are talking about dental dams... damn.
    Is probably over in the transcribing thread for Big Brother til death do us part.

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    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    Howie asking if anyone has hooked up. Howie saying it would take only about 30-40 seconds.

    Howie going on to say if he wins, "hookers for everyone." James asking if the girls don't want their hookers, if he can have them. April says he could have his hooker.

    Howie saying he knows bi-sexual girls that get hookers. Also saying that he has never known anyone that a hooker couldn't turn away except a midget.

    Talk about AID's stems from this and James talks about Pedro(from Real World SF) coming to his school and talking about ways to prevent getting AID's. This leads to Howie and James explaining the dental dam to April. Apparently they're flavored didn't know that.

    Somehow this leads to Michael talking about Peru. Plans of Nassa? Was kind of trying to remember to type everything so I wasn't listening.

    Quick shot of outside. Looks like a metal structure with ropes.

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    Howie tells Kaysar: "You look like a non-virgin Muslim right now." Ivette says he looks like "a player Muslim." Okaaay.

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    All the houseguests are complaining about the delayed POV.

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    We finally got the FISH. Veto might be starting now.

    BE looked like he was going crazy, since he's been dancing for the last like... 20min.

    I think they were about to start playing hockey somehow, then the FISH popped up.

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    Rachel won veto. Jen or Ivette said she had "bling bling" around her neck now. Ivette was really wowed that she won both first HOH and POV.

    James said that Rachel shouldn't have tried so hard since she was safe anyway.

    Two hamsters are in the shower; I'm betting Rachel is one of them. Most people are rooting in the kitchen and making sandwiches.

    Mag: Some of the advice I was getting was to go under it. (something about a single knot) I could have doubled it, but I felt like playing it safe.

    James: That competition was tough. I do NOT know how I would have fared.

    Iv: It was gruelling, it was!

    James: It would have been hard to get my ??? body through that.

    April: Tall was not a positive. Kaysar had a real hard time getting through.

    Iv: (something about Rachel)

    Beau: She's a badass, straight up.

    Someone asks Kaysar how he's feeling, saying he looked white and needs to lay down.

    Iv: Exciting day, huh?

    Something about knots for someone else.

    Ivette saying that PB&J is really good with toasted bread.

    Iv: Eric? (yelling) Is he okay?

    Mag: I think he's in the shower.

    Ivette goes off to change her clothes.

    Maggie is making tofu. James says he's glad Ashlea picked Maggie.
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    Well from what the houseguests said it seems like the challenge was quite hard favoring tiny people. It had something to do with knots. Ashlea was ahead at one time but lost it. Ivette said something about Ashlea sitting during the challenge when she could have helped Howie.

    April, Beau, and Ivette were wondering what would happen tonight. April thought that there would be a show tonight.

    ETA: It is so funny when one starts singing. They all start shushing them.

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    Ivette: Tomorrow has to be HOH, and the food tomorrow. It has to be.

    April: I think today's show is live.

    Iv: They would have told us.

    Kaysar sitting and looking tired. It looks like he has swimming trunks on.

    Iv: You forgot Howie looks in the mirror, Ashlea!

    April: Beau is the most flexible.

    Iv: My brother would have been yelling at me.

    April: I never would have sat down like that.

    Iv: If I would have just sat down afterwards, like gone to the end and just sat down?

    Howie: Who sat down?

    Iv & April: Ashlea

    Something about pulling the ropes and waiting for Howie. It looks like Ashlea and Howie were playing together. (Not Maggie per my previous post.)

    April and Iv are telling Howie to put neosporin on his knees.

    Maggie, Michael and Kaysar in the kitchen. Kaysar saying he has a headache.

    Kay: I just didn't want to give up, no mattter what.

    (Howie is drowing out the three in the kitchen from the living room).
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    April, Ivette, Bo, Howie, Jenny all talking
    IV says her brothers would have been mad if she just sat down like Ashlea did.
    They were all like, keep pulling, keep pulling. She didn't know.
    Ashlea tied up Howie's line. Rachel probably picked Howie?
    IV- when you're competing your adrenaline just rushes.. (and lost feed..)

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    Rachel and Maggie were partners, Ashlea and Howie, and Kaysar and Eric. They are now saying how the team that won, both players weren't on PB&J.

    I don't know how they picked the winner after a team won.

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