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Thread: 7/8 Live Feed Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by aramcobrat
    I'm confused about BB telling them to swim laps. In the transcripts from 7/8, BB says something about remembering to swim 1 lap because they have to swim 440 laps. (and then Ivette mocks BB saying it).
    What does that mean? BB is making them swim laps - 440 of them??
    I think I transcribed it and I was being stupid and typed it wrong, saying 1 lap equals 440 laps. BB said 1 mile equalds 440, so if you want to swim a mile, swim 440 laps. Ivette repeated it for Jenny when she came in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana
    I cannot believe what I just heard April say.
    I couldn't tell but I think she was talking to RAchel.

    They were in the bathroom, and April said.
    "I think those may have been my panties. I am a very creamy person, and I think those were my panties. I'm sorry. I talked to the doctor about it but he said it was normal."

    Who says that to a stranger????
    someone who is doesn;t care what society thinks...by the way I would love to meet April.
    I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...

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    Aramcobrat, BB has always bandied about that little statistic just to needle the houseguests, I guess. In fact, this year's pool looks a little bigger. Maybe only 430 are needed this year.

    There's a few of those odd BB announcements. One is about the prize money. Anyone else remember?
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