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Thread: Screen Cappers or Feed Viewers tools.

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    Screen Cappers or Feed Viewers tools.

    Here is a link to a tool you can use to view the feeds if you are signed up but has other features than the standard stuff that comes with the real viewer. (Like viewing multiple feeds at the same time, capturing the screen automatically at timed intervals, and recording the sound stream to a file)


    Here are the URL's for the feeds for this year.
    Dial Up Modem Feeds (56K)

    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam1_56.r m
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam2_56.r m
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam3_56.r m
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam4_56.r m
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=quad_56.r m

    ISDN Feeds (100K)

    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam1_100. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam2_100. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam3_100. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam4_100. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=quad_100. rm

    DSL/CABLE/T1 Feeds (225K)

    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam1_225. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam2_225. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam3_225. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=cam4_225. rm
    rtsp://start.real.com:554/rd?p*id=bb6_live&url=quad_225. rm

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    Whoo Hoo! TCW is back in town! I loved your screencaps last year.

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    Yay! Wasn't there a thread last year where everybody posted captions for a screencap? Some of the things people came up with had me rolling...
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Hopefully I'll be able to do it again. I'm terribly busy the last 18 months so I need to find a better way to do things to manage keeping up.
    Just thought I would remind folks of the tool above.

    I like the multi stream view you can setup. You can setup the 4 100k streams in a single window and have all 4 sound going. Then you can shut off sound on 3 of them. That lets you switch which one you listen to quickly. With the standard 4 cam view you only get sound from whereever they want to give it to you.

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    6:02 p.m. pacific time, and they haven't gone live yet!
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    i tried downloading the realtv player
    but it does'nt work

    can u up that


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    Make sure you have Real Player 10 installed before trying the RealTV. It uses the Real Player engine.

    You can read the documenation on that site for further help.

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