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Thread: Pictures of the New House (Spoiler)

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    Too modern/contemporary for my taste, but it looks cool for what it is.

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    Bradys, meet Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Frank, here's your bag.
    Token Christian.

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    Two floors, this is gonna add some new dynamic to the game hopefully, like dual floor challenges and simply more space to wander hehe

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    Hmm. I'm really iffy on it. The decor reminds me of a 60's TV show with 70's colors.

    I like orange and all (my walls for my room are orange) but that's as far as I'll go. I think there's a bit too much orange around the house.

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    Well, the decor is colorful........from the mid 50's.......and a conversation pit from the late 60's and metal from the 80's............something for everyone!!
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    I don't like it at all. Way too much stuff. It looks like the old house with a whole bunch of miscellaneous crap tossed in. Of course that will have absolutely no effect on my watching the show.

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    There was a preview on TES this morning and they showed a dual shower, a bathroom in the HOH room and a "secret" bedroom. The HOH can spy on the "rainbow" bedroom (that's what they called it) Looks interesting!

    here's a little blurb from their website: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/...in706711.shtml

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    I was beginning to think that the Eary Show report was just a rumour - they kept moving the date. But lo and behold, it really aired today.

    I was surprised to see Drew and Diane together. Apparently they've managed to remain friends. Her hair is longer, black and wavy.

    They referred to the main bedroom as the Rainbow Room. Part of it is very colorful, with 5 beds I think. The other half was very drab, with what looked like 5 army cots. One wall is covered by stuff that resembles a bunch of hubcaps. (To me anyway. ) Behind that wall is the secret bedroom, but they didn't show what it looked like.

    The HOH bedroom is upstairs and it's huge. Has it's own bathroom with tub and shower. As Marybeth mentioned, the HOH will have a selection of cameras with which to spy on the other houseguests.

    The community bathroom is very colorful and has a shower which will accomodate 2 hamsters at a time. It has double glass doors, 2 shower heads, and a curtain that can be pulled across to keep the 2 halves separate.

    It was mentioned that the houseguests are free to lie about their names, ages, hometowns and occupations upon entering the house. I'm pretty sure they've already done that on the bios that have been posted. Some of the ages are a bit suspect, Maggie clearly is not "single" as they showed her giving some guy a passionate kiss goodbye, and Eric may have originally been from Boston, but they showed him in a Las Vegas firehouse. Henderson Fire Dep't, I believe.

    Janelle has legs to die for. I think Rachel may be a neat freak. Funniest quote was from Beau: "Not many people don't like me I guess and I'm very, like, articulate and very, like, proper." No Beau, if you were very articulate you'd 86 the word "like" from your vocabulary.

    And the circular staircase looks dangerous to me. We may see more than one broken neck after an evening of heavy drinking.
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    I like the house decor. I think on a show like this it's alright to go over the top. I have to work tomorrow night so I'll be taping the first episode
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    FORT Fogey
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    The house looks nicer than the one last year... i dunno, maybe it's just me.

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