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Thread: Feeds Are Live

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    The Mythbusters did a thing on water torture with water dripping on someone's face. It made both of the main guys wet their pants after about 30 minutes of sitting under it.

    I posted a link to one such cool program in this thread: Screen Cappers or Feed Viewers tools.

    I wrote a tool as well that I shared with some. I made it special in that it will automatically refresh the feed after a set period of time, as well as rotate through each feed one at a time every so many minutes. That way I automate screen caps overnight. If that's the program you're thinking of I can see if I can find all the pieces of it again. I've got the executable but I think you need some run time files as well. PM me if that's what you were thinking about. (you can also open it multiple times on different streams but it takes a machine and internet connection with some horsepower to do that)

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    The feeds are up now, I'm still getting water sounds...opps, here's sound now...YAY, I'm so excited.

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    For the most part, the live feeds are working fine. My only problem is from time to time, the sound in the feed will kind of jump/skip. For example.

    "Oh your so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so funny!"

    Then the video will be out of sync for a second, then stop shortly then jump back into sync. I'm not finding any useful on RealPlayers support pages, and the skipping happends no matter which cam or stream quality I'm on. Any thoughts?

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    I'm getting that too, NG. I think it's because a lot of people are on the system right now. It usually gets better if you stick around. Mine was skipping a lot at first, but it's not doing it so much now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krazyiam3
    Last year someone had a program to download where you can watch all 4 feeds on seperate screens and you could choose which sound you wanted to hear... Does anyone know where i can get that program???
    Check under screencappers and feed tools below...think they listed something exactly like that.

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    Here's another viewer tool that maybe some people used last year. Big Brother Live it's called.


    They don't show the season 6 feeds on their site but you can find that here.

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