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Thread: Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

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    Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

    Andy Denhart of reality blurred just posted an article claiming that BB19 may air this fall!

    Here is the link, he doesn't allow articles to be copied/pasted whole:

    Big Brother will air season 19 this fall – reality blurred

    He cites a tweet that went out yesterday looking for new HGs:


    There are a milllion reasons why this is probably hooey: For one thing, BB is not Andy's specialty, he's more of a Survivor nut, so his BB information isn't usually as reliable. (He reported Ian and Audrey were returning players this year.)

    Also, CBS has a full fall schedule ready to go in September. They haven't even scheduled Amazing Race yet, that probably won't air until early next year without a bunch of cancellations.

    Andy wonders out loud if it might air on POP or CBS AllAccess, which to me would be suicide. Unlike NBC and ABC, CBS doesn't own a lot of other basic cable channels to spread their programming around.

    Let the gossip begin!
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    Re: Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

    Nooo not in the fall, I'm too busy. I hope that's all BS.
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    Re: Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

    yeah I don't have time for BB in the fall at all!

    Still though... it's a pretty significant announcement for something that doesn't have some element of truth.

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    Re: Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

    Once in the summer is enough for me. I will not watch it any other time

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    Re: Rumor: BB19 Airing This Fall???

    The only season I didn't watch was the one they did in the winter. Sounds like I didn't miss much. But now that I'm retired, I might watch it in the fall if it's on a basic cable channel.
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