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Thread: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    I know, but it shows her youth and insecurities. Perhaps she will listen to Victoria who listened to Derrick.
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Yes -- she generally acts from fear, and finds something new to be afraid of around every corner. And yet she's accomplished a lot in this game -- if only she could be in that headspace more.
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    she's for sure waaaayyyyy too sensitive. I think a lot of it may come from growing up in such a tiny sheltered community (her town has a population of 800 people).

    I have enjoyed watching her over the last month as she has various lightbulb moments. I think she has learned and grown a lot.

    But still has a long way to go
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Gosh, I liked this young woman so much.

    Good point about her coming from such a tiny town, Irish.

    At least she will get to hang out with Hayden. She was truly stunned when he was evicted.
    The bad thing is I will miss watching her on the feeds. And, she is leaving Cody to Christine.

    She was a very good competitor, mentally and physically--not a good strategized or judge
    of people's motives.
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Both the men and the women truly like her. That says it all.
    (But it's a game and she's gotta go, so they say.)
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Well as much as I want Donnie to stay, I am really going to miss Nicole. I so wish it was Franky or Christine going out the door instead of Nicole. I didn't even really care for her all that much at the beginning of the season, but she has really grown on me...and I am going to miss her....but I won't miss her voice though. LOL

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    FORT Fan daisypryde's Avatar
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    She was a class act in her exit interview with Julie. What a sweet girl. I am sure her parents are proud of her. <3
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    Skye's BootyGuard Dogg's Avatar
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    it was funny how she instantly forgave everyone after them leaving strategic jury goodbye messages

    if she somehow managed to come back in she would fall right back into that "trust trap"

    ian terry's new obsession
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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    I miss her. I hope she comes back and I really hope she hasn't forgiven them so easily.

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    Re: Nicole Franzel - BB16 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    I love her but in her post-show interview with Jeff she was all about Derrick being so nice and seemed happy with the thought that he would win. I'm afraid if she went back in, she would just be sent back out again thanks to 'sweet' Derrick.
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