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Thread: BB10: Remaining Show Scheduling

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    BB10: Remaining Show Scheduling

    Hello fellow hamster-watchers. Is there any info out there regarding the
    scheduling of the final shows, including the finale? Julie stated the finale
    would air on 9/16, but that date would require throwing the current Tues-
    Thurs-Sun schedule out the window. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Bb10: Remaining Show Scheduling

    TV Guide online has the following schedule:

    9/4 8-9 pm
    9/7 8-9 pm
    9/9 8-9 pm
    9/11 8-9 pm
    9/14 8-9 pm
    9/16 9-10 pm

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    Re: Bb10: Remaining Show Scheduling

    My guess would be:

    9/4 - POV comp and ceremony
    9/7 - Eviction show, four HGs remain; HOH comp
    9/9 - Nomination ceremony
    9/11 - POV comp and ceremony; eviction to F3; beginning of part 1 of HOH (which is endurance)
    9/14 - Remainder of HOH comps (showing part one and two, live part 3); final eviction
    9/16 - FINALE: Sequester questioning; winner named

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    Re: BB10: Remaining Show Scheduling

    Julie gave the schedule at the end of last night's show:

    9-7 Sunday Nominations and (probably the luxury competition)

    9-9 LIVE (8PM due to Fashion Rocks Special at 9PM) POV and EVICTION

    9-11 LIVE The HOH competitions

    9-16 The FINALE Live
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