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Thread: Who is your new Villian?

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    The alliance of Nik/Will/Karen are the villains to me now. I applaud the twins for trying to break them up. IMO that is how you play the game. Nik/Will/Karen are just mad because they weren't able to break the twins up first. The twins just beat them to it. It was a smart move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    I totally disagree, but you knew I would, didn't you?
    I respect your opinion. I come to these boards to express my thoughts and hear those of others, not just to find people who all think like me. What a bore that'd be !

    I can see where an alliance between, say Diane and Drew, might break up of its own accord more easily than siblings would turn on each other, but I'm looking at it from the standpoint of another player. I'd still attack any alliance I wanted to break up the same way.
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    This is how I rank the evilness of the remaining contestants, starting with the most evil:
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    Here is my evil ranking:

    1) Diane
    2) Karen
    3) Adria
    4) Marvin
    5) Natalie
    6) Nik
    7) Drew
    8) Michael

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    My evil ranking:


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    Evil ranking:

    1) Adria (Spawn of Hell 1)
    2) Natalie (Spawn of Hell 2)
    3) Diane
    4) Marvin
    5) Drew
    6) Karen
    7) Nakomis
    8) Cowboy

    come on, Nakomis, tromp the self-righteous idiot twins!

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    My Evil Ranking:

    1. Adria/Natalie (interchangeable, like clones. They can't even separate themselves)
    3. Drew (shady player)
    4. Diane (shady but outspoken)
    5. Marvin (more funny than evil)
    6. Karen (more looney than evil)
    7. Cowboy (only because he WAS part of 4H)
    8. Nakomus (smarter than your average bear, or hg)
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    Quote Originally Posted by melly79
    The alliance of Nik/Will/Karen are the villains to me now. I applaud the twins for trying to break them up. IMO that is how you play the game. Nik/Will/Karen are just mad because they weren't able to break the twins up first. The twins just beat them to it. It was a smart move.
    Exactly my thoughts...it was only a matter of time before people started resenting the twins and their ready-made, unbreakable alliance. Numbers are dwindling, nominations have to be made, and people have to be evicted. I just wish it had been Karen kicked out instead of Will...she adds nothing to the show, even though I liked her initially.
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    (Good) Smart Evil:
    *Diane - it's that smart kind of evil I can respect. When a decisive step against the men needed to happen she risked heat and did it herself. But when the smart strategy was to lay back and set things up for OTHERS to do the heavy lifting and get in trouble, she stepped back. Idiots like Adria do a kamikazee like putting up Will and Marvin without building a solid line of strategy or defense for themselves. Diane didn't make that mistake.

    Entertaining Evil:
    *Karen - She's a snake, but her "crazy" routine is funny as all hell. IF she actually is nuts, it will be fun to watch. If she's just PLAYING nuts, it will be fun to watch. I realize now that Will going instead of her is MUCH better for the entertainment level of the house. Plus, now she's a "floater". She's arguably in a better position to go further, because any twin is a bigger target than her on one side, and Nikomis and Marvin are probably bigger the other way.
    *Marvin - Lets face it. He's a sexist pig. But he's a FUNNY as hell sexist pig.

    Annoying Preachy Evil:
    *Adria - I wanted Will to go last week. And now "A" can go in turn. Honestly, despite my belief in Will's scummyness, I want her gone. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Stupid Evil:
    *Cowboy is not "nice"--I really don't believe that for a moment. Under that act, he's just a malleable piece of clay who is willing to bend himself into a moral (and maybe physical) pretzel whenever necessary. But he's a good "character" for the show, so whatever.

    Confused Evil:
    *Despite "going against the 4H" and maybe even going against Diane, Drew is still spineless in another sort of way. It's not that he can't go against people, it's that he does so because he bends like the wind--with the moment. It's not about what he believes (or even strategizes, I think), it's just being wishy washy. And you know something? It's the kind of thing which can lead to an "accidental" BB win. People won't think he ever intended any harm, because he comes off as so wishy-washy, and won't hold it against him. But even if that works for him, it's not like he planned it that way. It just works that way.

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    I don't like the D team...I haven't ever really warmed to Diane(not sure why,she has just always struck me as a bit of a witch)and Drew is a moron(ooooops I'm sorry,calling him a moron would be an insult to morons everywhere).Drew does what Diane says and to me that makes him not only an idiot but a whipped one as well.Plus I think his aversion to body hair is kinda wierd(not a good reason to dislike him but it was all I could come up with)
    You know,I really like A when the show first started.I don't know what has happened to her but I also find myself disliking her intensely.Her high and mighty attitude makes me want to smack her,and all the Bible quoting(which,interestingly,ar e always quotes interpreted by her to be to her advantage)is making me poretty angry,since she doesn't seem to know what in the hell she is talking about.It's fine and good to quote the Bible,but have some idea of what you are saying before you do it.
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