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Thread: Front of the House (FOTH)

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    See, I would actually pay for the live feeds if there was an interactive pong game to play.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    They should show past show highlights during FOTH

    They could make it cloudy around it like Soap Operas do and show past show highlights, like food comps and other challenges during the long FOTH waits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catniptoy
    At least the front of the house looks a little nicer than it did last year. I think they should do little things to make it interesting for us. For instance, they could have little paper boat races in the little pools of water, or they could give us an in-screen pong game to play while we wait!
    Well we always have the occasional person working in the house!

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    I think they have replaced the FOH with a shot of the Fish Tank. No Music, just the hum of the filter and splashing water.

    This is SO much nicer. Now I don't have to dive for the volume control when someone starts singing.

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    Welcome to the FORT Macgambit!

    From a fellow Canuck!
    "I'm telling you - it's a madhouse out there. I feel like Charlton Heston waking up in the field and seeing the chimp on top of the pony." ~ Dennis Miller

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