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Thread: If you could cast BB All-Stars 2

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    Re: If you could cast BB All-Stars 2

    Quote Originally Posted by JustJuls View Post
    I always thought they should do a season of all the first people voted out. We never get to know them...
    I'd love to see Brian from BB10.

    How about a pairing of the 1st out and the winners from each season.... would the "pairs' try to work together or would the 1st out's band together to try to get rid of the champs...
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    Re: If you could cast BB All-Stars 2

    I really hope they don't do another All-Stars. But, if I were casting it, this is what I'd like to see:

    Love 'im or hate 'im, you could not have a second All-Stars without Dick.
    I'd cast Joe, 'cause he's funny:

    DICK: Daniele is my daughter.
    JOE: Oh!
    DICK: She hasn't talked to me in two years.

    And he'd bring the drama.

    Maybe Eric should be given a chance to play the game without America's intervention?

    I hated this season. What a bunch of unlikeable people. I suppose I'd cast Alex, 'cause (based on female response), he'd be good for ratings.

    I'd cast Steven, 'cause he was entertaining, but now that he's in porn, I doubt CBS would go for it.
    Renny (I mean, you pretty much gotta have her, no?)

    Lydia ("Mrs. Roper" likes to drink, so that always ups the drama quotient)

    Britney (Funny)
    Annie (Her hilarious impression of Enzo makes me think we missed out, with her brief stay in the house)

    And who says they can't take a page out of Survivor's book and bring back a few for a third go-round?:

    "Nina, have you ever been in a thunderdome?"

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