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Thread: Dick - BB8

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    Re: Dick - BB8

    Ummmmm.....I don't think so. I'd rather eat glass.

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    Re: Dick - BB8

    I'm in ... just need to know when and where.
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    Re: Dick - BB8

    So sad to have read reports that dick has hiv

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    Re: Dick - BB8

    I also liked how he handled it. HIV can be contracted by straight sex. And being 'Evil Dick' I don't think he wanted to be a spokesman for HIV.
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    Re: Dick - BB8

    ^ True.

    If CBS didn't give Dick the option to stay, I could understand it from a practical point of view. He had just received the diagnosis -- this means that a lot more and deeper testing is called for immediately, to guage his current condition, and to see what courses of medication are called for. And then there are the follow-up visits to see how the course of treatment is working...he would have been out of the house as much as he would have been in it. It's not the kind of thing where you can say, "Oh, well I'll stay in the game, and find out what's going on in September when we're done."

    I doubt it was based on blind prejudice against people with HIV; there's probably a clause in the contract about unresolved medical issues that caused the decision. Other people who have had pre-existing medical conditions have played the game, and they would go into the DR regularly to receive their prescribed drugs. Dick didn't have a course of treatment prescribed yet, so that alone would make staying in the game unwise, and too great a risk to himself.

    Then again, if that was CBS' thinking, why not just say so now, instead of denying there was no option for Dick to stay...
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