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Thread: 9/6 Live Feed Screencaps

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    9/6 Live Feed Screencaps

    Feel free to post your Live Feed screencaps here. Caption them if it makes sense, describe what we're seeing, and comment on them if you like. (Detailed or lengthy conversations should go in the same day's Live Feed Discussion thread.)

    Thanks to all our cappers!

    Note to new cappers... since BBLite has made screencapping much easier we've been getting a lot of questions from our new cappers about how to post their images. The easiest way is to create an account on a free photo sharing site (such as Photobucket). Post your images there, then put the links into your post. If you use the "IMG Code" option from Photobucket, you can paste that directly into a post, and you do not have to use the "insert image" option on here.
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    Re: 9/6 Live Feed Screencaps

    Rachel stressing over the tie-dye process.
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    Re: 9/6 Live Feed Screencaps

    Few random caps before black out....

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    Re: 9/6 Live Feed Screencaps

    Kevin and Howie playing games with Chelsea and the other girl on Superpass to kill some time:

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