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Ewwww. Just imagine if the finale had been Shawn and Dominic. Or William and Dominic. We might have all been praying Dominic would win.
If Linda and Dominic had been in the finals, Dominic would have won by default. Linda was incapable of exhibiting class and refraining from making nasty comments in an exit interview which was the last hidden test.

Mark mentioned that he though that Femia's competitive side would cause her to just go off after thinking that she had lost to Dominic. The reporter even tried to bait her to make negative comments by saying that she was just being politically correct. While Femia didn't take the bait, Dominic was more than eager to let off steam.

Linda would have lost for making the nastiest comments which has been her style and only claim to fame through out the series. Too much time was dedicated to Linda and her downfall. Time that would have been better spent on showcasing a likable person who deserved to be a contestant on the series.