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Thread: 10/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    What an episode!!!! Linda got her just desserts in this one. I sure was fooled by her computer experience. I knew she was faking her computer-phobia, but I was fooled by her computer experience. She is just as experienced at computers as I am!!! At least she didn't lie about her mother, but I don't like her any better for that. If Linda had cut the lying and Femia ranting, she clearly would of been one of my favorites (but Femia still would of been #1).

    Femia a poser? Ha! You Linda were the real poser all along!!!

    I loved how Femia handled herself after she found out that she lost. I did not want my favorite to lose, because of one mistake!!!

    Oh, and....

    Congratulations Femia!!!!!
    Get Fantasia's self titled CD, in stores now!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonwell

    Damn I certainly didn't want her to win it. She certainly didn't deserve it at all.

    I do love 'reality' shows.

    Famia deserved to win as much as fantasia in AI, that is not at all.
    But hey we've got to be pc now

    It was cruel to make the people twist in the wind.

    After that ending I would not watch the Benefactor 2.

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    Linda's thought on taking him to a different house instead of lamenting about not being truthful was hysterical! The icing was certainly her friend calling her an internet geek in the car ride back to the airport! Great ending.

    MC mentioned that he would send Dom to college so he got a reward and I trust MC will be in his corner for other things as well. He really does consider him a friend.

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    Well , I've said before when people kept saying Linda was rich. Linda isn't rich , her BOYFRIEND is . That has nothing to do with her. After almost 20 yrs being married , I wouldn't ask husband or that family to pay for something for my family. Whatever they have , or he has isn't mine. That said , she totally deserved the cut for the computer lie. Bad acting at it's finest . Oh I hardly know what a website is- help me Markie.

    They shamelessly butchered the final shows . Yes I would have liked to see the visit to Doms world and Femias. We also didn't get to see Dom dye Marks hair that same fetching fuschia color. I think Femia was the best out of who was left. It's way better than watermelon barbie or Mr Bean winning.

    Good show , bad treatment by the network, bad editing . Mark if you are still out there , have zero to do with those clowns at ABC ever again. They've shown just how incompetent they are , but hey we warned ya.

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    I so totally enjoyed this show! Watching Linda at her mom's house in the "slums" and seeing her mom in her scooter (I saw one leg missing so that was not a lie), and then seeing the LONG trek to her own home (I don't know who actually owns it, but she at least does live there) and seeing the homes....Got, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop! And when they went inside and it was all decorated extremely nicely, and the skinny tvs...OMG! And Mark's voiceovers and his look when he was in the back of the SUV and Linda's friends are ratting her out with her computer acumen and she is slinking down further and further and Mark's face seems to be at the evilest that I've ever seen! And when he is talking and saying how angry he was and how he wanted to yell 'why don't you sell a tv or two to get your own mom a leg', I almost wish he would have yelled that! At least if she watches the show, she'll get to see that part! What a caustic voice she has and what a cheapass daughter she is. Her mom must be cringing in embarrassment! I really liked how concise Femia was in her 60 second talk. She did get better as she went along. I liked Dom for his sharing and his zest for life, but I didn't think he deserved the million. I hope Femia uses her million for good. I also hope Mark would just hire me to be his assistant! Please, Please, Please!!!

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    It is true that Lindas affluent lifestyle is from her boyfriend and he is not responsible for supporting her mom in anyway. I do believe she was poor growing up.

    Had she been honest about her current situation and acutally done the ''outside the box' competition she was the biggest contender to win.

    It would have helped if she had a job and a savings account earmarked for her mothers leg as well!

    One would think she would be mortified and embarrassed by her behavior on this show but I don't think so given she showed remorse, only, for not taking Mark to another house!

    Great show. I really enjoyed this.

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    It was actually quite funny watching her topple like a house of cards! She seemed nervous the entire time. It was sad watching her and her husband take Mark to a small cluttered apartment that her disabled mother lives in. Also when she hugged her mother goodbye she was in tears and thanking her over and over for coming to see her which goes to show that in reality she could care less about her mom and doesn't spend much time with her. Also on the way to the very nice big house her lives in a friend of hers was in the car and mentioned that she talks to linda constantly and online and that she is a big internet geek... this was huge because there was an entire episode of doing something out of your element and she pretended to start her own webpage and stood there in tears and shaking in front of a laptop saying she was terrified of that 'black thing' and pretended to not even know how to turn it on.. it was so pathetic .. and then once mark saw her big huge house with a very big high definition flat tv he knew she was a big phony liar and said he wanted to cut her right away but had to wait.. you could see on his face that he was disgusted with her and that she had him snowed that long. She even said that she made a mistake taking him to her house and should have taken him to someone elses (she had no remorse whatsoever for lying and playing on his emotions.. what a loser) He said she could just sell that tv and get her mom a leg.. pretty sad but any BB fan knows Karma(n electra) will get ya every time!

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    I was really disgusted how Mark played with these people. Ok, they did ask for it by going on a show to whore themselves out for a million bucks but come-on.
    Did he really have to embarrass them by getting the photographer to call them a "loser" etc while he took their pictures.. way way overboard, Mark. Very very mean.
    I guess you got to get your jollies somehow now that you are a billionaire and everything else is boring or pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    Had she been honest about her current situation and acutally done the ''outside the box' competition she was the biggest contender to win.
    That is the scariest element of this whole series. It was obvious all along that Linda not only had done nothing to deserve to win a million dollars, but she also had no redeeming characteristics that justified her being cast as a contender on the series. Having to endure her ranting every week was a high price to pay to be able to watch this series to determine what life lessons Mark was conveying.

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    I thought the first few shows were interesting and some of the tests were intriguing right up until the end. However, Mark Cuban managed to weed out all the people that I had any interest in (and some that were annoying). By the last 2 episodes there was no-one left that I could stomach seeing win. And it just seemed like Mark Cuban was making up rules as he went along.Such as when he kept Dominic in the game after being the odd man out. If it had been anyone other than Mark's class clown they would have been told to pack their bags.
    Telling them they were both losers just so he could see their reaction and so that he could tell someone that they lost again was just mean spirited. But of course Mark could not let his buddy Dominic go home empty handed. He's going to college - what's he going to study - grooming? And apparently he's got a friend for life. Maybe he can move in with Mark Cuban and change his name to Kato Kaelin.

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