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Thread: Three weeks now and now show here..

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    Three weeks now and now show here..

    Well, for the third week in a row - no Benefactor in Kansas City. Two weeks ago - it was pre-empted for the pre-game show since the hometown team was playing Monday Night football. Last week - it was pre-empted (for everyone) for the Christopher Reeves special. And, tonight - again it wasn't on because of the Missouri Governors' candidate debate. I already read how this show was being cut back.... but we can't even watch the few episoded that are airing.

    It is no wonder this show is doing so poorly in the ratings - when cities like Kansas City (with almost 2 million TV watchers) can't even watch the show.

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    so sad...
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    I thought we weren't going to get it here either, it didn't come on till after 10pm. I was a little mad at first because I really like this show. I'm so sorry that it hasn't had a better day of the week or time slot to be on. Sorry you didn't get to see it!
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    Email ABC. It does work. NBC was flooded with emails when they cancelled LCS and responded by offering a 1/2 hour finale. That got canned and changed to the Comedy station because Jay announced the winner in haste because he was furious. But they did respond.

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    Damn... I was tired when I typed that... can someone fix the title of this thread please.... I meant for the second "now" to read "no".


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