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Thread: 10/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I can't help but rather like Dominic.
    Sure, he doesn't seem the smartest, but I do think he hs a good heart.

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    I know for a HUGE fact that house is Linda's - it's where her and her fiance live. Let's see if Mark mentions anything about her Discovery or new Porche she drives or the BMW. I also know Linda and her fiance also took Mark to one of thier clubs for dinner. I told you all along Linda doesn't deserve it. What you also don't see on Linda is the 3+ ct. diamond ring her fiance gave her. How many legs do you think she could buy with that? I will bet any one of you 1 million that the house was Linda's - because I'm NOT wrong!!
    God is she abnoxious!!

    Linda's from poverty but I think her ass needs to be sent back there for some humbling!

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    I think Dominic is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! He really is a good hearted person and means well. He knows not to take himself too serious and is willing to share the wealth!! I think he did more acts of kindness than Linda and Spencer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff

    I can't help but rather like Dominic.
    Sure, he doesn't seem the smartest, but I do think he has a good heart.
    Hell so do I.
    Give me a million dollars already.

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    I thought it was rather obvious that the house was Linda's because she was the only one claiming to be from poverty.

    I really can't stop liking Dominque, even though I don't want to. He has the biggest heart, and I think Mark sees that. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up winning.

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    Know what's crazy? IS that Linda's mom still lives in poverty - and Linda loves her so much - if you're living that kind of lavish life style you sure as hell wouldn't keep your mother living in poverty.
    Linda has got to go.
    My hope is for Dominic

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    I know Linda is from poverty - she's not lying. I don't know any people that would be proud to say they're from east boston - it's trash!!

    Linda "you're exploiting homeless people" HELLO!! YOU DUMB ASS! What the hell was she doing with the elderly?!!!

    It was not a competition about how funny you could be - putting on sumo suits - hello how is that a random act of kindness?

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    The teaser said that the visit to Las Vegas is when MC discovers that he's been mislead. The airhead 'Rock star' is from Las Vegas, so he gets the boot.

    Count me as one who won't be watching. Can't believe I wasted any time watching this ridiculously stupid show. The girl that lost was the only one who showed any class and scruples, all the remaining persons are scheming backstabbing liars and frauds. What a great message to send, that you can't succeed if you maintain your ethics.

    Yeah, I fully understand MC's explanation that the task was designed to measure how one reacts under stress and conflict, and being able to give constructive criticism. But give me a freakin' break, what is there to bag on someone for going out and doing charity work? If the show had involved more business-like tasks, then the criticism segment would have made more sense, and been far less tacky and personal. But the whole show was way too random, lame, and as a result at times nearly pointless (Jinga should have been the tipoff.) Sorry Mark, but there is a practical limit to how much you learn about someone from analyzing their choice of ice cream or which direction they install toilet paper. Its not Solomon-esque, just trite.

    MC expected the contestants to learn and adjust on the fly, too bad he completed failed that task. He had to have known, as the girl refused to sell out her ethics and stoop into the gutter but instead showed class and loyalty to her teammate, that he'd come off looking like a complete *ss with little integrity, that this was exploding in his face (especially after some earlier tasks had resulted in such lame and disappointingly bland results.) Loyalty and trustworthiness matters in business, especially for long-term success. In the course of negotiations businesses often readjust terms and conditions as surprises and new facts emerge. He should have called an audible, lauded the girl for her integrity, and given her a pass into the next round. He would still have had the opportunity to eliminate her before the end, but wouldn't have sent such wrong messages and wouldn't have looked so sleazy.

    A blown opportunity, and thus this show is done. It certainly reinforces the reputation that he is just a nerd who was more lucky(right place, right time) than talented, who now is just a spoiled nouveau riche kid playing around, who won't leave a lasting legacy of note. I would hope that that reputation is unfair, but I have yet to see definitive proof otherwise. Say your goodbyes Mark, you've lost a chance to impress millions of Americans.
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    Nicely said doctorpep!! He did lose his shot at impressing millions of people. Dominc is not the one who's fooling anyone!! I know Linda and many things about her. It has pissed me off the whole show that she comes accross as the girl from the ghetto trying to get her mom a leg when she lives a millionaire lifestyle.

    I have been waiting for this to come out -

    Boot the Bitch!!

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    Can't be any worse than the airhead watermelon chick who rode on others coat tails to the finals. In business it's also important to point out just who is pulling their weight, and who isn't. Otherwise you are the one ending up doing the work while others take the credit. Having a freeloader on your business team is no fun. "I don't like she told Mark I was sleeping instead of working " ....Boo *** Hoo. If you can't show a little spunk at the end, you deserve to be trashed.

    Photochick you seem to be a bit obsessed with what her fiance has . That isn't what she has. Unless you have the attitude of one of Trumps barbies ( whats his is mine and I'm going to spend it all- yipee ) , you might have a bit of pride and want to get your own game going.

    I have no clue why Dominic aka Jase redux is still in the game. Makes me want to scream.
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