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Thread: WPLG 10 Miami / FT lauder. - LOSER

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    WPLG 10 Miami / FT lauder. - LOSER

    This station is playing the Benefactor a week late at 11:30pm Sunday nights! If you care or have time please call them and ask for the program director and COMPLAIN.

    Miami # 305 576 1010
    Broward # 954 763 4577

    website has an email link www.local10.com - sorry the address is not there, its one of those form emails.

    I have emailed and called. They were not very concerned. They have a local sports show on before Monday night football. They claim to have no other time slots. The woman I spoke to said she had recieved lots of calls and emails and I was not the only one who was complaining. Obviously not enough complaints to change their minds. So if you get a chance please call or email. At least they can know we are here and interested.


    PS - Thank goodness for the FORT recaps! Great job!
    Support the FORT - Go Green

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    This series was initially scheduled for six episodes and is not doing well in the ratings. With Linda being given top billing I don't have to wonder why people are tuning out.
    ______________________________ ________________________

    Reality TV gets a big dose of...guess what

    Thu Oct 7, 8:19 AM ET Entertainment - USATODAY.com

    By Gary Levin, USA TODAY

    A fall season with more reality shows than ever has led to early casualties for some newcomers - and steep declines for some established veterans.

    •The Apprentice, The Bachelor, Fear Factor, America's Next Top Model and Last Comic Standing have seen significant ratings declines.

    • Newcomers The Benefactor, The Complex: Malibu, Renovate My Family and boxing series The Next Great Champ are chumps.

    With 17 hours of spouse-swapping, vote-offs, makeovers and bug-eating on last week's lineup, a winnowing was inevitable. "The more quantity you get of something, the more likely you'll see failure," says Fox reality chief Mike Darnell, who has seen his share of it.

    Elimination contests seem most vulnerable, while shows with heart or mean-spirited humor are bucking the trend. So are newer ideas that appeal to the core reality audience - women ages 18 to 34 - who also happen to be TV's most fickle viewers.

    ABC's tear-jerking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is up sharply; the network's new Wife Swap and Fox copycat Trading Spouses are doing well. Reality granddaddy Survivor, in its ninth season, also is holding up as the top reality draw with 20 million viewers.

    As once-leery advertisers embrace reality shows, "the networks are more willing to be upfront about scheduling them for fall as opposed to using them as Band-Aids throughout the year," says Initiative Media's Tim Spengler.

    But a stream of knockoffs have worn out their welcome, he says. "Programs that do well are usually fresh and different; copycat shows rarely succeed."

    Already, there's jockeying in response to the early signs of trouble as networks seek juicier lures for jaded viewers.

    After Champ's knockout, NBC delayed its own boxing show, The Contender, to January, replacing it with The Biggest Loser (Oct. 25), a dieting competition. Fox has benched The Partner, a planned lawyer contest due Nov. 7, and subbed in My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, which tweaks The Apprentice the same way Joe Millionaire mocked The Bachelor.

    This time, a fake Trump gets ambitious contestants to do outrageous tasks. "We're taking Type-A Ivy Leaguers who believe they have the world by a string, and conning them," Darnell says.


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    They just seem to be jerking around this show waaay more than usual in a lot of places. It almost seems like a plan to try and get it to fail .

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    I'm surprised stations on the east coast are jerking around with it. Out here, we are used to whatever show ABC slots in the 8 pm pre-Monday Night Football slot being on at weird times. It's the worst time slot because all the West Coast stations show MNF starting at 6 pm. I assume in the Moutain Time Zone it's also always a problem.

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