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Thread: Question for MCuban

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    PC ending? Because Femia is African American? You think he chose her to be PC? egad.
    Someone made the same comment on another thread. I am also an African American woman and I did not think it was a PC ending. Femia clearly won even though Mark admitted on camera that Femia was not his first choice when he said that Linda probably would have won if she had not lied.

    Femia did a brilliant job of answering the last question describing all the lessons of The Benefactor. I chose to view the tape of her slamming Dominic as confirmation that Femia truly had grown as a person from the whole experience to be able to be such a good sport after thinking that she had lost to him. It obviously took a lot of character for her to swallow her pride and still have a positive outlook about future success.

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    I think we have heard the last of the contestants and Mark Cuban. I would love to have these questions answered and hear about how Linda is doing after her public humiliation but as with so many shows they fade to oblivian. The afermath is often as interesting than the show itself.

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    I know, I know...

    And I would like to see how Femia & Dominic are doing as well!
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