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Thread: Tiffaney

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    I like Watermelon. Watermelon Queens though?...sure, what the hey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I wonder if she'll sky dive for next week's task.
    Can you call a one trick pony or what Hep?

    I hated the skydive. It was sticking it in the nose of someone who is afraid to do something and saying - neener neener. The thing was to challenge herself , not do something that was hard for someone else. A brain teaser would have been better for this one.

    Maybe I've just OD'd on blond pageantgirl airheads from reality shows past.

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    yeah, Mark would have experience the feeling of falling more if she'd shoved him down a flight of stairs than by watching the video of her skydiving. Of course I doubt he would have enjoyed that much either.
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    Now if someone else shoved her down the stairs .... I'd be entertained .

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    I don't believe, for one minute, she had a fear of heights. She clearly enjoyed this activity.

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