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Thread: 8/4 Episode Jimmy Kimmel/Christian Dior

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    8/4 Episode Jimmy Kimmel/Christian Dior

    I'm probably in the minority but I LOVE this show. Bobby has really matured over the past few years. I could do without the flatulence stories (a little more information than needed ) but he is staying out of trouble and he really seems to love Whitney. She is a huge Diva who says she loves her fans but hides from them at every chance.

    Bobby sounded bad during his rehearsal for Jimmy Kimmel but pulled it off for the show. And what the...I didn't even KNOW he had ANOTHER son, Landon! He doesn't look very much like Bobby. The fact that he has managed to stay out of the spotlight and out of trouble speaks well of him.

    When Bobby said I'm taking Whitney to a Christian *pause* Dior party, I almost but not quite thought he was taking her to some kind of Christian event, until he followed with the word Dior! Whitney and Bobby bumping and grinding was hilarious. I know everyone there must have been thinking "how trashy" but hey, they can get away with it and they were probably the life of the party.

    Since neither Whitney nor Bobby have done anything musical in a while, I wonder how they sustain their lifestyle. They must have good royalties and such because they sure know how to spend money.

    I can't wait for next week!

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    I wonder if he's going to sing the same songs forever or ever come up with something different. He really seems like he could use some adhd medicine it seems.

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    One of the funniest things I have ever seen on any reality program was when they were on the red carpet for the Dior event, and Bobby introduced the topic of his show, and one of the reporters asked if it was going to be as good as Newlyweds, and Whitney got this disgusted/amused look on her face, and said "They cute, but we're Bobby and Whitney". I have been quoting that line indisciminantly ever since I heard it.

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    Just caught the rerun and when they're dancing and singing (by themselves - everyone else at the event is sitting down) and Bobby is saying over and over "Don't you back that thing up" Tooo funny!

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    What is the song that played in the background while they arrived at the Christian Dior fashion show? Sonded like a bunch of sirens . . .

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