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Thread: 7/21 Mother's Day episode

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    No one got my joke?

    Or no one thought it funny?

    or both?

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    Actually I think Bobby brown is the only one who acts decent. He really enjoys his family, and I thought it was rude of Whitney to act like she did. She might of not been happy with the plans but she could of faked it, I think she lets Kristina see to much that goes on in their ( whitney & bobbys ) relationship. How many times theough the show did she complain????

    I thought she acted like she was high a few times through the show and especially when they went through neiman Marcus store? Is that the name?

    Doe she even acknowledge Bobby's other son???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGirl
    Am I the only one disappointed in Whitney? I thought she would be classy, shes not. She acts spoiled and annoying. I remember Whit from the 80's. I was never a huge fan but I admired her voice. Now she is just so coarse.
    yes yes YES!!! she is so irritating on the show! I admire bobby alot more!

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