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Thread: 6/30 Episode Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aud
    Bobby's mouth is crooked because he has Bells Palsy. (sp) It is a small form of paralysis (dang... sp(?) again!). It has nothing to do with drug use, and often it is NOT permenant.

    My brother had it at one time, and the entire right side of his face just stopped working. He even had to open, and shut his own eye. It has NOTHING to do with drug use. It is one of those things that can just *happen*, like a stroke.

    Where did you get that information about Bobby having Bell's Palsy? I doubt very much that that is what Bobby's problem is. Bell's Palsy generally doesn't last as long as I've seen Bobby with this problem. I remember seeing it with that Diane Sawyer interview with Whitney a couple of years ago. And the twisted jaw is known to be a result of heavy cocaine use. Which seems a more likely reason.

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    Cocaine and twisting the bottles off the brew with ya teeth.
    In these times of Greatness, what is better than being a Bostonian? Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics (NO. 5anyone?) and I'll even give props to the Black N Gold!!!

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    I respect bobby a bit more after watching this episode too! he has always been portrayed as evil in the meidas eyes

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    I know one thing, his oldest son was a cutie.

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